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Hungry Nandos customers go TikTok viral after rescuing stranded Deliveroo driver from Maidstone East station

A 24-year-old has gone viral on social media after rescuing her stranded Deliveroo driver.

Millie Scriven from Sevenoaks and her friends abandoned their girls' night in to help the delivery man at Maidstone East station.

Millie was surprised to hear why their Nandos delivery was late. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok
Millie was surprised to hear why their Nandos delivery was late. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok

In the TikTok video which has amassed nearly two million views and 225,000 likes, Millie is seen calling up the driver who was running forty minutes late with her Nandos order.

And, much to her surprise, their delivery driver, Saifallah, wasn’t the person who picked up.

The stranger said: “I’m not your Deliveroo driver – the gentleman who is delivering it to you doesn’t speak English very well but he’s got a flat tyre in his bike.

“He’s trying to get a hold of the support but they’re not answering him.”


When your deliveroo driver has a flat tyre🥴 just wanted a peaceful Nandos😭 shoutout to these lads though fr😭

♬ original sound - Mills

Millie then asks if he has their food on him, which the stranger confirms, and so the “starving” group of girls head down to get their Nandos from him.

But, the story takes a sweet turn. As they collect their food from him, Millie asks the lads helping: “Does he want my pump? I’ve got an electric pump.”

The camera then cuts to moments later when they all rally to help him – the girls plug it into the car as one of the boys monitors the air into the tyres.

The video has received hundreds of comments from viewers warmed by the kindness of strangers moment.

Deliveroo driver, Saifallah was stranded. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok
Deliveroo driver, Saifallah was stranded. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok
The group helped pump up his bike. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok
The group helped pump up his bike. Picture: @milliescriven/TikTok

One user said: “They deserve a Nandos gift voucher for this!”

Another said: “So nice to see that you helped him instead of kicking off as many people would have done! Kindness goes a long way.”

Speaking to Yahoo News after, Millie said: "Once we pumped up his tyre, he had to ride the bike to our house as his app wouldn’t say he had completed the trip without him being at the front door.”

The girls offered to put Saifallah’s bike in the back and give him a lift, but it wouldn’t fit in the car.

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “It is heartwarming to see Deliveroo customers and the local community help out a rider with a flat tyre. We’ve asked these local heroes to get in touch with us so we can say thank you.”

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