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Lorry stuck on East Farleigh level crossing after sat nav nightmare

A lorry driver’s sat nav nightmare resulted in his HGV becoming stuck on the train tracks at a level crossing.

The driver of the HGV was forced to reverse up Farleigh Lane when he was unable to drive over the crossing at East Farleigh yesterday.

Former engineer and writer Robin Brooks witnessed traffic building up either side of East Farleigh’s one-way bridge during the 30-minute ordeal at around 3.30pm.

The lorry became stuck on the level crossing
The lorry became stuck on the level crossing

The 78-year-old said: “My wife and I were just walking along the towpath and we saw all the traffic was built up further up the road.

“There was this massive great HGV from Romania stuck halfway across the level crossing.

“The driver was only a few yards from hoping to get over the bridge so the sat nav must have taken him down there.”

The driver had been following his satnav
The driver had been following his satnav

Mr Brooks, of Langdale Rise, had been strolling along the newly installed tow path with his wife Barbara before watching the lorry back up into a car park opposite the Victory Pub.

He said: “The railway staff were frightened a train might have come along. Luckily they aren't that frequent.

“Traffic was built up both sides of the bridge and the lorry driver used the car park opposite the pub to turn around.

“He had a hell of a job turning in there and then he straightened up to go back up the road.

The lorry backed into a nearby car park
The lorry backed into a nearby car park

The lorry, from Romania, eventually turned around and drove towards Tonbridge Road to find an alternative route.

Mr Brooks added: "It was one of the biggest lorries I have ever seen. Small vans like Tesco Home delivery can fit over the bridge but lorries can't.

“It has happened once or twice before but I don't think there are any signs down there to say lorries won't be able to get over the bridge.”

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