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Is Maidstone hot enough to cook a full English breakfast on a car bonnet?

Today is the hottest day of the year and Maidstone is sweltering away in 31 degree heat.

It's hotter than Ibiza, Saudi Arabia and a volcano all rolled into one so we are pretty sure you can fry an egg on a car bonnet....But how about a full English breakfast?

We bought bacon, eggs and sausages and traipsed to a our sun baked VW Polo to put it to the test.

Carmella Haswell with the fry up in Maidstone
Carmella Haswell with the fry up in Maidstone

Rather than sizzle into action the egg flew off and splatted on the floor so, being the tenacious reporters we are, we created a bespoke breakfast pen made of bacon sausage to see if it would cook within the hour. As you do.

Watch: Cooking a fry-up on a car

After lots of hanging and timing our brekkie favourites in the blistering heat we are pleased to bring you the results of the experiment:

Bacon - 25 minutes

Egg - 60 minutes and still a little congealed

Sausages - raw

So next time you break down on the hottest day of the year stranded but with a handy pack of bacon, you know what to do.

You're welcome.

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