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Taric Matticks 'raped two women' and took photos on his mobile: Court

A man raped two intoxicated women in their hotel room and took photos of them on his mobile phone, a court heard.

The friends both claimed they had no memory of what happened but medical examinations later showed that Taric Matticks had sex with them.

The women woke up naked in the morning to find their room at the Village Hotel in Maidstone in disarray and bloodstains on the wall and bedding.

The Village Hotel, where the rapes allegedly happened
The Village Hotel, where the rapes allegedly happened

Prosecutor Martin Yale said the 29-year-old took advantage of the two women while they were clearly intoxicated and incapable of consenting.

The friends had made a last minute booking at the hotel in November last year to have a night out in Maidstone.

They drank vodka and lemonade while getting ready and then took a taxi into the town. They ended up at Bar Chocolate.

One of the women recalled her friend speaking to Matticks in the smoking area during the evening. He said he would buy them drinks.

“She remembered little else of the evening until she woke up in the hotel room,” Mr Yale told Maidstone Crown Court.

“She could hear noises, including a slapping sound.

“She was cold. She realised she was naked. Her pyjamas were at the side of the bed. She put them on and went to sleep.

“Her last memory was of a man with black dreadlocks above her head. She remembered being woken up at about 11.20am by hotel staff. Their clothes were scattered around the room.”

Their handbags were open and their phones and other property was missing.

There was blood on the bedding and on a wall that came from one of the women. A thumb print in blood staining matched Matticks’.

Both women showered and one noticed a bruise on her left breast.

Maidstone Crown Court
Maidstone Crown Court

Mr Yale said the women told staff at the hotel what they could remember.

The police were called and the women were examined. One had an intimate injury which was supportive of a sexual assault. Samples taken matched Matticks’ DNA profile.

Mr Yale said it was not possible to state how intoxicated the women were as police did not go to the hotel about 12 hours after Matticks was seen on CCTV cameras leaving, and it was about 15 hours before samples were taken.

“Sufficient time had passed for alcohol to be eliminated from their bodies,” he said.

“There was no evidence of any date rape drug being administered to either woman, so their intoxicated state must have been as a result of alcohol intake.”

Matticks took a taxi back to the town centre at 2.45am,booked in his nickname of TJ. The taxi driver who drove the three to the hotel said he picked up Matticks with another woman at about 6am and took them to Lashings Sports Bar.

Police went to his flat and recovered the stolen mobile phones. Photos of one of the women naked and one of the other under a bed sheet were found on his phone.

Matticks of St George’s Square, Maidstone, did not answer questions when interviewed, but claims the two women consented to intercourse.

He denies two charges of rape. He admits stealing the mobile phones.

The trial continues.

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