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Thug James Hynd who racially abused Kent Police officer is jailed

A racist thug who sang "Yeah yeah it's the Monkees" at a Nigerian police officer who was trying to help him, has been sent to prison.

James Hynd had been taken to hospital after fears he was suffering a fit but began shouting abuse at the police - frightening patients and hospital staff.

James Hynd. Picture: Kent Police
James Hynd. Picture: Kent Police

It was then that the 40-year-old bully used part of a song from the 1960's hit song to taunt PC Okweazuka Okwuokei.

Hynd, 40, who has no fixed address, had been arrested after assaulting a former lover at her home, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Emin Khandola told how Hynd pleaded guilty to six offences of three assaults, including two on police officers; two public order offences, including one which was racially motivated and causing criminal damage.

She said Hynd and his lover Caroline Rushworth had been in an "on-off" relationship since 2012.

On August 9, the victim received a phone call from Hynd telling her he still loved her.

"I am scared that one day he will eventually kill me..."

"Hynd explained he wanted to see her and that he still loved her and they then met with friends in Maidstone."

"After returning to her home, she said his behaviour changed dramatically and she described him as a bully, as he told Ms Rushworth and her friends what to do, taunting her over a photograph."

Hynds was told to leave but began "lurking around" outside her property, banging on the windows.

The court heard how the two argued over allegations he had been unfaithful and he punched her to the floor and began kicking her, until she lost consciousness.

She later told police: "I am scared of James and the attack has left me petrified. I am scared that one day he will eventually kill me."

Maidstone Crown Court
Maidstone Crown Court

Jobless landscape gardener Hynd returned after the attack and began throwing items around Ms Rushworth's property before hiding in a cupboard when police arrived to arrest him, the court was told.

Ms Khandola added that Hynd then charged at two police officers threatening to bite one of their ears off after getting one of them in a head lock.After running away, he was eventually caught and taken to Medway Maritime Hospital where he began to get aggressive.

"His behaviour deeply frightened other patients, including an elderly gentleman," the prosecutor added.

Other officers then arrived to replace their colleagues including PC Okwuokei, but Hynd demanded a "face off" and began by headbutting a door.

While he was being restrained he began singing: "Yeah, yeah, it's the Monkees" while making eye contact with PC Okwuokei.

"You began singing a song which anyone would realise had racial connotations..."

"This was believed to have been racially motivated due to the officer's ethnicity as he is of Nigerian descent," added the prosecutor.

"The outburst caused patients and staff distress, some were in tears," she added.

After being taken to the police station he twice spat in the police van which then needed to be deep cleaned.

The officer said later: "I have worked hard to become a police officer. I do not expect to come to work and be racially abused by someone I was trying to stop from hurting himself. I was only doing my job."

Keith Yardy, defending, said Hynd has since expressed remorse.

Jailing him for 27 months, Judge Stephen Thomas told him: "It is unacceptable that upon the slightest whim people think they can attack their former partners. They can't.

"And when a police officer was helping you, you began singing a song which anyone would realise had racial connotations."

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