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Polish trio, all living in Maidstone, jailed for beating a man in dispute over car

Three thugs handed out a beating to a man after he failed to pay for the purchase of a car, a court heard.

Pitor Rozycki was assaulted in the street in Maidstone, bundled into a car and driven to a remote spot by the three Polish men, where he was “given a good beating”.

Lucas Badnarz, of Woodville Road, Szymon Rehan, of Old Tovil Road, and Thomasz Juchnik, of Loose Road, all Maidstone, were each jailed for 14 months after admitting assault causing actual bodily harm.

Lucas Badnarz
Lucas Badnarz

They denied a kidnap charge and it was left on file.

Badnarz, 27, Rehan, 30, and Juchnik, 34, had been in custody for six months and will be due for release within a month.

Ordering them to each pay their victim £200 compensation, a Judge Jeremy Carey said: “In a country where there is a rule of law, you took the law into your own hands."

Thomasz Juchnik
Thomasz Juchnik

Prosecutor Alex Rooke said Mr Rozycki agreed to buy the car from Juchnik.
He was walking in Roseholme on September 30 when a car pulled up with the three men in it.

“They all got out and hit and kicked him,” Mr Rooke told Maidstone Crown Court. “He described Mr Badnarz holding his arms while the other two hit him.

“They went off in the car. They ended up in a field where he received a further beating. They pushed him out of the car and kicked him in the face.

Szymon Rehan
Szymon Rehan

“He was kicked while on the ground. His face was bleeding. He was told if he called the police they would possibly kill him.

“Mr Rehan took off his belt and hit him twice on the back. He was in pain and begged him to stop. They stopped after 20 to 25 minutes and drove off.”

Mr Rooke said Mr Rozycki staggered off to get help. He was taken to hospital and given a CT scan. He was treated for cuts and bruises.

Maidstone Crown Court. Picture John Wardley
Maidstone Crown Court. Picture John Wardley

“He was sore all over,” said Mr Rooke. “It was a comprehensive beating. He told police who was responsible.”

Judge Carey told Juchnik: “When he didn’t pay you recruited your co-defendants not just to find him for a civilised discussion, but to show him what happens when you don’t honour your commitments.”

The judge told all three: “Fortunately for the victim you didn’t inflict the kind of injuries which would have resulted in a case of serious harm. He was given a good beating.”

Ordering the £600 compensation, the judge added: “You are hard working men and will get back into work soon.”

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