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Rapist kept hitting victim with metal bar

ZING PREDIGEST: his victim ended up curled up in a ball on the floor trying to protect herself
ZING PREDIGEST: his victim ended up curled up in a ball on the floor trying to protect herself

A MUSICIAN who lured a woman to his home and brutally raped her and beat her with a metal bar in a sound-proof studio has been jailed for life.

Zing Predigest threatened to kill the victim. He eventually dumped her, battered and bleeding, in a park in Maidstone.

She escaped without any fractures, but a judge said of her injuries: “If anyone else needs to look at this case in due course, they should have the photographs.”

He told 47-year-old Predigest, who had served a sentence for manslaughter: “It was not just rape, but repeated rape, which involved humiliation and pain.”

Finding that Predigest was a continuing danger, Judge James O’Mahony said parole would not be considered for five years.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that in July last year, Predigest lured the woman to his home in Penenden Street, Maidstone. He took her into his basement recording studio.

Eleanor Laws, prosecuting, said the violence then started with Predigest punching the victim in the face.

“He picked up a metal pole about 2ft long and started hitting her with it, making contact all over her body,” said Miss Laws.

“He was punching her at the same time. She ended up curled up in a ball on he floor trying to protect herself. He said he was going to kill her and suffocate her.

“She was screaming and crying and asked him to let her go. He told her no one could hear her, as the basement was sound-proof.”

The woman begged him not to kill her and talked about her children. But the violence continued with Predigest putting his hands around her throat.

After telling her he was going to strangle her, he ordered her to undress and said he was going to “enjoy” her. Her molested her and then raped her.

“He said he didn’t care it hurt her and it was all about him,” said the prosecutor. “While she was naked, he continued to beat her with the metal bar.

“He said he was going to kill her and then kill himself. This terrified her as, if he was in that frame of mind, he didn’t care what he was going to do.”

Predigest eventually stopped and said she needed to go to hospital.

The injured woman managed to pull herself up the stairs by shuffling on her bottom. He drove her to a park, where she told the park keeper she had been attacked.

She was taken to hospital and told a nurse what had happened. Predigest was arrested and admitted three rape charges.

Miss Laws said the victim’s head and body were covered in bruising and swelling. “It would not be hard to imagine the effect this attack had on her,” she added.

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