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Specialist Kent Search and Rescue dog deployed in search for Pat Lamb missing from Maidstone last seen at Bar Chocolate

Search crews are preparing to review further CCTV footage with police as the hunt for missing Pat Lamb continues.

It comes as teams enter the ninth day of intensive searching for the 28-year-old who was last seen leaving Bar Chocolate off Maidstone High Street in the early hours of last Saturday morning.

Members of Kent Search and Rescue and Kent Police have been scouring parts of the River Medway and the town over the past week.

Pat Lamb (Centre) has not been seen for over a week
Pat Lamb (Centre) has not been seen for over a week

A search aircraft has been used as part of the continued hunt along with water rescue teams.

The ’spotter plane' covered routes Pat is known or suspected to have walked as well as wider sweeps over the general area.

Specialist police divers had also been brought in to search the River Medway but did not find any sign of Pat.

No light has been thrown on the mystery disappearance and investigations continue today.

Specialist teams used sonar in the search for Pat Lamb last week
Specialist teams used sonar in the search for Pat Lamb last week

A specialist search dog from NSARDA (National Search & Rescue Dog Association) was deployed at 7.30am to search a number of areas of interest and areas inaccessible to human search teams.

A spokesperson for Kent Search and Rescue said: "After viewing over 500 images captured by the spotter plane yesterday we highlight a number of areas of interest. We have taken the search dog out and went down to the hotel where Pat was meant to be staying today but nothing was found.

"We have suspended the search for today, but will be reviewing CCTV from the town centre with police.

"In such a built up area we thought there would be more footage of Pat from the night he went missing so it is something we will continue to look at it."

A search dog is being used in a bid to find missing Patrick Lamb
A search dog is being used in a bid to find missing Patrick Lamb

Water rescue teams will return to the river tomorrow to resume the search.

Pat's girlfriend, Natasha Morgan, released an emotional video yesterday asking him to come home.

In the minute long clip she tells him: "Pat, if you're listening, I love you so much. Please come home to me."

The clothes Pat Lamb was wearing
The clothes Pat Lamb was wearing

After recording it she said her boyfriend, who works as a broadcast engineer, would be unlikely to leave his two year-old nephew Harry Lamb who is currently suffering with leukaemia.

"I uploaded the video because we don't have any leads at the moment," she said.

"I don't feel he's gone off anywhere, he's never done anything like that before, but you have to cover all your bases.

"At the moment police are going through CCTV, but we've heard nothing for over a week. I'm so frightened he's dead.

"But the fact that nothing was found in the river is hopeful.

"At the moment we are all totally clueless as to what might have happened but I'm hoping the video may make a bit of difference, I have to do something.

"If he is alive I'm hoping the video will make him realise he will come home and everything will be OK.

"If he has done something that I or his family don't know about then we just want to let him know that he can come home and he doesn't have to be embarrassed or afraid, whatever that might be.

"It would be wonderful to have him home for Christmas."

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