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Maidstone man jailed for assaulting former partner

A vicious thug who stamped on his then partner’s head and hurled a glass ashtray at her face has been jailed.

Daryl Parkin, of Durham Close, Maidstone, was jailed today to one year and 10 months’ in prison.

Daryl Parkin
Daryl Parkin

The father-of-three had previously admitted two charges of actual bodily harm and one charge of battery.

On May 16, 2020, the 29-year-old jumped and repeatedly stamped on his victim’s head before he started to throw items at her, including a glass ashtray which struck her in her face.

The violence began after the victim asked Parkin about items which had gone missing from her home.

Leaving her injured, Parkin then left the address but his vehicle broke down.

He left the car on the road and fled. While searching the area, Kent Police found the victim’s driving licence and hair straighteners in a nearby bush.

Maidstone Crown Court. Stock picture
Maidstone Crown Court. Stock picture

He was arrested the next day in connection with the offences.

As part of the investigation, he was also charged with two further assaults.

The first took place on October 26 2019, when he assaulted the same victim after attending a nightclub.

He had previously insisted on joining her, and her friend, and became unhappy when another man had approached her to talk.

Upon returning home, Parkin seriously assaulted the woman by kicking and punching her. He then fled the property when officers arrived.

The second assault took place on December 7.

While driving on the A2 in Rainham, he punched the victim in the face before he collided with a wall outside a pub.

When the vehicle came to a stop he continued to assault her before he drove away.

Prosecutor Samantha Wright said: "Clearly he was concentrating more on hitting her than driving and she feared he was going to crash the car, so she grabbed the steering wheel.

"Nevertheless the car crashed into a wall near a pub. He continued punching her and ripping off her shirt, leaving her in just bra and leggings."

The scared victim then flagged down a passing vehicle and the male driver stopped to help and offered her his coat to protect her dignity.

As Parkin listened from a room at Elmley Prison during sentencing at Maidstone Crown Court, his ex addressed him in a letter.

The defiant victim said: "Daryl where do I start? I was in love with you. I was happy, bubbly and felt like I could take on the world.

"But slowly you chipped and chipped away at me... and I became someone I didn't know anymore.

"But I won't allow you to control me anymore... I am free from you now and hopefully in time I will be back to the old me."

As he sentenced Parkin Judge Philip Statman told him: "You clearly had a volatile relationship. On these occasions you lost it. You bullied her. You used your shod foot.

"She was no match for you in terms of physical strength.She was left with ugly injuries. I heard, in her own words, how your victim suffered at your hands and it is understandable she was left feeling insecure as a result of what you did to her. These attacks were ferocious."

Investigating officer PC Scott Spedding said: "Parkin carried out extremely violent assaults on his victim and caused her significant physical injuries which left her in fear.

"He is clearly a danger to women and poses a risk to them.

"There is never any excuse for men or women in relationships to resort to violence and domestic abuse is something Kent Police takes very seriously and will continue to do so."

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