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Yellow spots appearing on cars in Maidstone have got experts buzzing as they are due to bee excrement

If you've been thinking your car needs a wash, blame the bees.

The furry insects are apparently responsible for a smattering of small, yellow blobs appearing on cars parked in and around Maidstone.

It is thought to be due to the unseasonably warm September weather, or the luscious levels of pollen available in the area.

Whatever the reason, vehicles across the town are being coated in the tiny yellow flecks.

Dan Daley, a borough councillor in the Allington ward, was the first to investigate after finding his wife's red car covered on return from holiday.

He said: "These little yellow spots on cars have been seen in Allington. But my research shows that they are universal.

"It would appear that honey bees excrete something called nosema and which we might call poo.

"I had never heard of it before. But bee poo means that the bees are with us and are healthy."

He urged: "Give thanks for the bees and get to grips with the hosepipe and chamois leather on the poo."

Dick Cullen, beekeeper at Allington Castle, confirmed Cllr Daley's findings, but added: "I haven't noticed any more than I normally do. It happens all the time."

The yellow spots on cars in Maidstone are from bees
The yellow spots on cars in Maidstone are from bees

Gill Maclean from the British Beekeepers Association, explained: "I think bees probably poo all the time.

"It may simply be that certain cars are in the line of flight and the bees stop off for a comfort break on their way.

"The yellow comes from the pollen in their diets. It has been a lovely September and the bees are flying a little bit more this month than they have done in previous years.

"On rainy days they stayed cooped up in their hives, but when the weather is nice they will come out."

In April, car owners across Kent were hit by a deluge of sand which was deposited from the skies after being picked up during a Saharan desert storm.

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