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RSPCA called to Leybourne after cygnet spotted tangled in fishing line

The RSPCA was called after a baby swan got trapped in fishing line at Leybourne Lakes.

The cygnet was tangled in the line, which had caught around its body and legs, trapping it alongside one of its siblings, which sadly died.

The line had cut off the blood flow to the surviving cygnet's leg, and officers had to massage it to get the blood pumping again.

Officers managed to cut them free, and took the surviving swan to the RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre near Hastings, where it was x-rayed and given an injection of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Two days later, it was well enough to be released back into the lake, where it was reunited with its mum and other siblings.

Animal Welfare Officer Nash said: "It is very frustrating that this was a needless waste of a cygnet's life, which could have been so easily avoided if someone had disposed of their fishing line correctly.

"Most anglers make the effort to retrieve and take home all their fishing line and tackle, but some are not so careful, which results in incidents like this.

"We urge people to think twice and please dispose of their rubbish correctly, as hooks and lines can cause horrific injuries to wildlife. With a little more thought and care, an animal could be spared suffering."

Animal Collection Officer Milligan added: “We would like to thank the park wardens at the lakes who were a great help in rescuing this poor cygnet, we really appreciate all their efforts.”

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