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Snake which left shed skin in child's bedroom still missing in family's Larkfield home in Auden Road

A snake which made its way into a family home leaving its shed skin on the landing, and in a child's bedroom, is still missing.

Bethan and Kayleigh Baldwin-Pierce from Larkfield discovered the skin, likely to be from a corn snake or a small python, at 9am yesterday.

They first noticed the skin on the top of the stairs
They first noticed the skin on the top of the stairs

It was first discovered on the landing, along with a dead mouse at the bottom of the stairs.

A further search revealed more skin in the base of their two-year-old son's bed.

The couple shared the find on social media and have been inundated with messages from well-wishers offering to help find the reptile.

Some have commented urging them to turn down the heating as snakes like hiding in warm spaces.

One said: "Snakes are cold blooded so it will be in a warm and dark area, behind a fridge because of the warmth from the motor, boiler cupboards and even near an oven.

Bethan and Kayleigh Baldwin-Pierce from Larkfield
Bethan and Kayleigh Baldwin-Pierce from Larkfield

"That is a partial shed so the snake is dehydrated. Try putting bowls of warm water out as the snake will go to the bowl to soak."

Most experts have reassured the family, who have a phobia of snakes, that it is likely to be harmless and more scared of humans.

After hearing the news, snake enthusiast Chris Cini, also from Larkfield, suggested scattering flour around the edges of the room. That way if the snake moves it will leave a trail.

Bethan and Kayleigh say they tried this method and the snake has since left marks in talcum powder in the bathroom.

One snake keeper said: "Get a sheet, lay it on the floor, then get a big towel all crumpled up and lay it on the sheet.

They also found a dead mouse
They also found a dead mouse

"Do this next to a radiator that is on, the snake will go under the towel for cover where it's warm. You can then pick the sheet up with it all inside and put it in a box.

"I've caught my own snakes this way a few times but it can take a couple of days."

Corn snakes are not native to the UK so the one on the loose in Auden Road will be a missing pet.

As well as sharing tips on catching the animal, neighbours have offered to help remove it from the home when it is found and give it a warm place to live until the owner comes forward.

Bethan and Kayleigh are urging snake owners in the area to check on their pets and get in touch if they find one is missing.

Escaped animals, unusual finds and news from the RSPCA can all be found here.

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