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Snodland mum Chloe Sullivan shares chicken pox warning after death of Baby Arlo in the Dominican Republic

A heartbroken mother whose baby boy died in the Dominican Republic has warned of the dangers of chicken pox in early pregnancy.

Chloe Sullivan, from Snodland, was holidaying on the Carribbean island with her fiancé, Michael Parrott, from Wilmington, when she was rushed for an emergency c-section on Sunday, October 14.

Doctors carried out life-saving surgery on Chloe, and baby Arlo was rushed to a neonatal ward.

Baby Arlo with his parents Chloe Sullivan and Michael Parrott (4861208)
Baby Arlo with his parents Chloe Sullivan and Michael Parrott (4861208)

Hours later the newborn baby died.

On Friday, Miss Sullivan shared an update with friends via Facebook, after receiving Arlo's autopsy.

She wrote: "[The autopsy] confirmed he had PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension), Congenital Heart Disease, respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory insufficiency and a chromosome defect.

"He stood no chance.

"I suffered with chicken pox early on in my pregnancy which could have caused the heart disease but due to being ignored by doctors on four different occasions, I wasn’t administered the anti virals needed in the 24 hours to prevent any damage to Arlo, but was told he would be ok. I hope this can raise awareness of how fatal chicken pox during pregnancy can be.

"I’m heartbroken that we couldn’t save him and that previous scans didn’t pick it up. We could have saved him, us and everyone else a whole lot of pain.

"I love you Arlo and I’m so sorry."

Following his death last Monday, the family were left facing a medical bill of around $20,000.

Miss Sullivan had handed over her passport while the hospital awaited payment.

On Wednesday a fundraising page was set up to help pay the family's bills and bring them home.

Within 24 hours, the page had topped more than £17,000.

Miss Sullivan thanked family and friends for raising money, asking them to stop donating.

She wrote: "I cannot believe how amazingly kind people can be. We are incredibly lucky to have so much support from you all.

"In a very dark and hard time you have helped to shine a little ray of light and given us the breathing space to start to grieve for our son. I honestly do not know how we will ever repay you. Just thank you so so much. We are eternally grateful and forever in your debt."

Kind-hearted donors have kept on giving, with the current tally resting at more than £20,000.

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