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Police called to disperse groups after Snodland firefighter hosts balcony party

A firefighter tried to lift his neighbours' spirits by playing a DJ set from his balcony - but police were called after people began gathering in the street below.

Myles Goulding, who works for London Fire Brigade and DJs at parties and events in his spare time decided to host the party in Manley Boulevard, Snodland, "to uplift everyone and just have a good time" during the lockdown.

Residents joined in the fun by dancing on their balconies and putting on disco lights

He posted the idea in a Facebook community group and received a positive response.

The 31-year-old said: "Someone had tried to have a balcony party already but it had to stop after my neighbour complained. So I checked with that neighbour whether he'd be okay with me doing one and he said yes, and I checked with all my other neighbours in my block and in the flats facing me too and everyone thought it was a great idea."

So on Friday evening, also as a way to celebrate his birthday, Mr Goulding began blasting out the tunes.

Footage of revellers cheering to the music and lights dancing across the flats opposite has gone viral, with one video reaching almost 50,000 views.

However, the party was put on hold after people began gathering in the street below, and police turned up.

Drivers tooted as they drove through Manley Boulevard

Officers reminded them of the social distancing rules in place and they dispersed.

Mr Goulding said: "One police car drove through with its lights flashing but didn't stop and then later they came back after someone must have called about people in the street.

"They weren't from the area - I think they were from another part of Snodland.

"By the time police came for the second time I'd finished the set - they didn't shut it down like some people are saying."

He added: "Afterwards the police came up and spoke to me personally and said it was fine to be doing what I was doing, it was just the people gathering that was the problem."

The party is said to have gone on until around 11pm
The party is said to have gone on until around 11pm

In a video seen by KentOnline, an officer is heard saying: "Have fun, have the music going, but just think sensibly, with a bit of common sense, and you can do this sort of stuff.

"When we came in everyone was on top of each other, we were getting calls about it. All I’m saying is just try and be a bit a little more sensible."

He added: "Enjoy yourselves all right, sorry for disturbing the party, I know how difficult this all is."

As the officers walk way, one resident shouts "we appreciate you" and people begin clapping. They can then be heard shouting: "Myles you're a legend - one more song."

A police spokesman said: "Police were called at 8.50pm on Friday to reports a number of groups had gathered in the street outside properties in Manley Boulevard, Snodland.

Some people were sensible and remained on their balconies
Some people were sensible and remained on their balconies

"Officers attended and people were reminded of their personal responsibilities in relation to the Government’s instructions around social distancing and they dispersed."

Mr Goulding says he has received lots of positive messages about the one-off DJ set, which finished at around 11pm.

One resident said: "It was definitely the uplift that a lot of us needed at such a horrid time", with another adding: "It was great - really needed after the few boring weeks everyone's had."

Mr Goulding plans to host another party for his street when the lockdown is over.

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