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Dad Neil Samworth pops to McDonald's in Strood for meal before getting fine from security

Neil Samworth popped to McDonald’s to treat his family for lunch – but ended up being served up a £100 fine.

Mr Samworth had parked outside the drive-thru in Commercial Road, Strood, when he spotted his wife Kim and their two young sons in the market opposite.

He popped over to ask them if they wanted something to eat and returned to his car less than a minute later to discover two parking attendants slapping a ticket on his windscreen.

Neil Samworth is in a parking ticket row with McDonald's
Neil Samworth is in a parking ticket row with McDonald's

The wardens, who work for Met Parking Services, told him that they were instructed to fine drivers who step a foot over the McDonald’s boundary.

Mr Samworth, of Bingham Road, Strood, said: “I couldn’t believe it. It’s not as though I was taking my business elsewhere. I stepped out for a genuine reason. I think their attitude was very poor and showed a lack of understanding.

“We started going to McDonald’s when the children were young and use it quite a lot – but never again.”

Mr Samworth, 49, a warehouseman, had gone to Strood with wife Kim, 39, and their two youngest children Jack, seven and Ryan, 12.

While he was getting the tyres fixed on his silver Honda Accord wife Kim, who works at Tesco in Gravesend, took the children to the market.

He said: “Once the car was fixed I though I’d treat myself to a McChicken sandwich and chocolate milkshake. I could see my wife getting some fruit and veg and so went over to see if she wanted anything.

A Big Mac
A Big Mac

Mr Samworth, who has two older sons Dylan, 17 and Thomas, 20, has been fined £100 which is reduced to £50 if he pays within two weeks.

He said: “They must have run over to my car as soon as my back was turned. I’m refusing to pay it and will take it court if I have to.”

A spokesman for Met Parking Services said: “Should a motorist feel they have been issued with a charge notice unfairly there is a simple appeals procedure which allows a motorist to appeal.

"We will consider all the evidence provided for this, any mitigating circumstances and the decision process agreed in respect of each individual site with our clients.

“Should an appeal be unsuccessful, we offer people the opportunity to appeal to POPLA, the independent appeals service established by the British Parking Association for the purpose of providing motorists with a right of appeal to an independent body.

“The service is provided at no cost to the motorist and their decision is binding on us as a member of the BPA.”

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