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Halloween Horrors at Fort Amherst is up and running for 2019

With legs like jelly, eyes wide and gripping my friends' hands we entered the dingy tunnels, completely unprepared for the horrors that awaited us.

I joined kmfm breakfast's Laura Crockett for a night of terror at Fort Amhert's Tunnel Tours launch night.

The spooky attraction, in Dock Road, Chatham, is the oldest in Britain and for 2019 it was bigger, better and more bloodcurdling than ever.

A team of volunteers transformed the below ground network into a dark underworld.

We entered through a Gothic-style door, absolutely terrified, we were told by a cheerful guide, "Don't show them you're afraid, they'll spot you a mile off and really go for you".

Thick mist whirled around us as we walked deeper underground.

It was impossible to see, we were completely disorientated with screams and strange subhuman noises coming bouncing from the walls.

Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009686)
Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009686)

Suddenly a dark, leering figure loomed, knife in hand, just metres away.

I pressed myself into the walls, trembling and willing her to leave me alone.

Her inky black eyes locked with mine, she opened her mouth to reveal endless rows of razor sharp and screeched menacingly in my ear.

I couldn't work out what she was saying but I'm pretty sure she slipped in Kent Messenger.

Thoroughly freaked out we managed to move on.

Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009715)
Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009715)

I can't give away too many surprises but there is gore, jump scares and, whether it's zombies or freaky clowns you’ll never know what’s lurking round the corner.

The actors are fully committed, they aren't afraid to pull and prod you. Girls are even warned to remove their hoop earrings before starting the tours.

The make-up and costumes are unbelievably creative and effective.

When there are breaks in the scare-fest, I managed to take in the set, the attention to detail was incredible and was quite beautiful in places.

The venue was started by a handful of volunteers in 1983 to raise money to keep the historic heritage site open.

Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009826)
Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors (20009826)

Now some 200 volunteers transform the fort into a scare fest.

There are children’s parties, special teen tours, a new alien invasion themed escape room, but the most scary of all is the adults only tour.

After burning plenty of calories by running from demons and ghouls there will be a barbecue, freshly cooked doughnuts, and food stalls to fill those nervous tummies.

The Tunnel Tours will run from Friday, October 25 to Saturday, November 2. Click here to book .

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