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Mona Lisa created by artist Kieran Poole out of discarded bottle and can lids on his snooker table in his Walderslade home

Artist Kieran Poole would not be too offended if you said his work was rubbish.

Why? Because that’s exactly what it is --colourful mosaics created from discarded bottle lids and can ring-pulls he collects on his regular litter picks.

Artist Kieran Poole creates his version of the Mona Lisa
Artist Kieran Poole creates his version of the Mona Lisa

Tutor and stand-up comic, Kieran started clearing up refuse on the streets near his Walderslade home two years ago to do his bit for the environment.

But instead of disposing of his bin liners, he has transformed his piles of worthless items into a business and, using his snooker table as a base, creates pictures in his outdoor studio.

Once complete, he takes a picture from the top of a ladder and has it printed on an eco-friendly canvas made from recycled plastic bottles.

He now has a collection of about 100 pieces of art which he sells online both at home and abroad and he has exhibited his unusual work at galleries and workshops.

Some of his mosaics are commissioned such as Coldplay’s Chris Martin dancing and American basketball player Michael Jordan slam dunking. Others reflect his concern about pollution and desire to make the world litter- free.

The 31-year-old creator of Rubbish Snooker said: “One day, somebody challenged me to fill the snooker table. I think they were joking. I thought it would take about six months but it took two.

“I could see the array of colours and went on to create pictures, starting with the Mona Lisa.

“I could see it had the wow factor.

“I've always been creative. Litter is a big frustration of mine and I love snooker, so I decided to combine the two.

“I don’t think anybody else is doing anything like this.

Kieran sorts lids on his snooker table
Kieran sorts lids on his snooker table
Kieran litter picks in his neighbourhood
Kieran litter picks in his neighbourhood

“It also creates quite a clear message that there is a ridiculous issue with litter.

“I never thought this would happen. I never thought I’d be selling art.”

He said “the heartbreaking bit” comes once he has meticulously pieced together his image.

He said:” It can take me three to four hours to do and up to 1,600 lids to fill the table It takes about half an hour to get the pictures and I get down from the ladder and it’s done.

“It takes about 15 minutes to take it all apart before starting again.”

Pollution at Parliament by Kieran Poole
Pollution at Parliament by Kieran Poole

Kieran has to work in his back garden because there is no room for the table indoors.

He said: “The wind is the biggest issue I face. The gusts blow the lids around which can be infuriating, but that’s to be expected working outside.

“Occasionally, I get to play on it.,

To view Kieran’s work click here.

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