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Churches Together in Medway: In times like these

Times like these make us all stop and think.

In a weekly column usually published in the Medway Messenger, Churches Together in Medway chairman Pastor Stephen Bello writes: "It has been some weeks now since the Prime Minister of the UK announced the lock down and quite a lot has changed since then. There has been a remarkable resurgence of the community spirit in the neighbourhood and people are once again looking out not just for themselves but for others who might be in need or vulnerable around them.

We should take time out to reflect
We should take time out to reflect

"Bright sparks of brilliant selfless donations, volunteering and helping one another lighten otherwise dull days of gloomy news of spread of disease across the nation.

"The volume of traffic has reduced drastically no doubt greatly improving the quality of air across the towns in Medway especially in Chatham.

"The songs of birds and other animals once quietened by the loud noise of modern living has emerged as a soothing sound during the unprecedented spell of quiet.

"Our heroic frontline NHS staff and other key essential workers in care homes, stores, emergency services among others continue to put themselves forward daily rising to the challenges of these times.

"Many who can work from home make the most of the online resources and platforms creatively engaging with their clients and colleagues.

There's less pollution as we ditch our vehicles and walk instead
There's less pollution as we ditch our vehicles and walk instead

"The pandemic has surely changed life as we are used to for some time to come. Hobbies and projects that had never been priorities have suddenly become favourite pastimes while families daily evolve in the ways to effectively use the time thrust into our laps courtesy of the lockdown.

"The online community is buzzing with information, some real, some sensational, some controversial and sadly some fake conspiracy stories to engage a growing sceptical mind.

"The cause of the outbreak has been linked to 5G technology, biological warfare, the expected apocalypse events to come and the planned domination of the world economies by the ‘red dragon- Chinese empire’.

"It is becoming difficult to decipher what is true and what is false.

"The grim reality of death is brought to our attention with daily release of figures showing how many have succumbed to the virus, the untold stories is the devastated families who have lost love ones in the most harrowing of circumstances.

"What is the right Christian response at a time like this? Mark 12 verses 30-31 in summary answers the question; Love the Lord God with all your whole being and love your neighbours like yourself.

"Followers of Christ must seek Him now in this time of reduced pressures on our times and reconnect, rediscover God’s love and will for our lives.

"The second pertinent thing to do is to love our neighbours like we love ourselves. Look out for them, pray for them, offer practical help to them where we can, follow the government guideline, stay at home, save lives.

"Love the people around you, encourage someone with the encouragement you find from scriptures at these times of uncertainty. We must be the light of God in our community doing what we know Jesus would do in times like these.

"It is my prayer and hope that this pandemic would soon be over. Hold on to the truth found in His word as an anchor for your soul."

If you would like to find out more about Churches Together In Medway or what it means to become a Christian, please contact the chairman, Pastor Stephen Bello on 01634 920491 or email rccgvictoriousfamily@hotmail.com

Also visit the website here.

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