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James Jordan interview

Pamela Stephenson and James Jordan, Viennese waltz
Pamela Stephenson and James Jordan, Viennese waltz

by Sarah Shaffi

Strictly Come Dancing's James Jordan is hoping for the support of people across Medway as he competes in this weekend's final of the show.
The Gillingham-born dancer, who admits he had given up thinking he would get to the final, will be performing with psychologist and comedian Pamela Stephenson on Saturday night.
It is the first time James, who went to St John Fisher Catholic School, has made it to the final in the five years he has been a professional dancer on the programme.
Speaking to the Medway Messenger he said: “It’s been unbelievable this year. To be honest with you I thought I was going to be one of the professionals that never managed to quite get to the final.
“I am proud to be a Medway boy and I just hope that everyone is going to enjoy our performances and just hope that I do you all proud. Please, please vote because we are going to need the votes because we are the underdogs.
“It has been a fantastic series and it’s going to be a great final. We are the underdogs and we know we are the underdogs. Obviously born and bred in Medway hopefully everyone is going to pick up the phone and hopefully support us and give us a good chance to pick up that trophy."
James is married to fellow Strictly professional Ola, who won last year with BBC Breakfast sports presenter Chris Hollins, and hopes he can add to the couple's trophy collection with his own Strictly glitterball.
He said:
“It’s fantastic getting to the final, especially because obviously my wife won it last year. It would be sweet to take home another trophy to the Jordan household and it would shut her up because I have had to put up with her for a year telling me that she’s won and I have never won, so it’s been an interesting year with her.
“There’s definitely room for two trophies in the Jordan household. There’ll be one on her bedside cabinet and one on mine or we can use them as matching bookends, one or the other."

James Jordan and Pamela Stephenson, quickstep
James Jordan and Pamela Stephenson, quickstep

Pamela and James have been rehearsing 12 hours a day this week to perfect the four dances they will hopefully perform on Saturday. James said: “I was fortunate enough that Pamela shocked the nation in how good she was and obviously taking into consideration that she is 61 years old, I think she’s done an absolutely phenomenal job.
“This week we have been training for 12 hours a day. I can’t ask any more from her. I am exhausted and I am half her age. She’s given it her best shot and that’s all I can ask from her.
“Whatever happens on Saturday, even if we don’t pick up the trophy I am going to be extremely proud of her. She’s an inspiration to me and I am sure too so many of the older generation out there. It proves you can dance at any age.
“I am going to blow my own trumpet here and say that I have a lot of faith in my teaching. I know I am probably one of the best professional teachers on the show and we have worked really hard. Of course Pamela has a natural ability but she’s got where she’s got from both of our hard work: me thinking up the choreography and teaching it to her and her putting in the hours."
The couple are up against former Eastenders actress Kara Tointon and her professional partner Artem Chigvintsev, and Countryfile presenter Matt Baker and his professional partner Aliona Vilani. The latter couple have been showing off their acrobatic skills, but James is not worried about being overshadowed by their showdance.
He said: “We are just going to dance. If I could do backflips I’d do them as well, but at the end of the day Pamela has proved week in, week out that she’s dancing.
"Acrobatics is acrobatics, it is not dancing for me. I want to show her qualities and how graceful she is. We have got a few trick steps as well, some lifts and the song choice we have I think is fantastic for us and out Strictly experience together.
“We know we are the underdogs and we know the other two showdances are going to be absolutely phenomenal but ours is special to us."

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