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Medway Conservatives call for apology and £250,000 compensation following Boris Island fight

Boris Johnson should pay Medway Council £250,000 and apologise to residents for the "stress and angst" caused by his Estuary Airport plan, say Medway councillors.

Medway Council Conservative Group has tabled a motion for October’s full council meeting, asking the Mayor of London to make amends following the dismissal of the "Boris Island" plan by the airports commission.

They say Medway Council spent around £250,000 campaigning against the plan and that the man "leading the attack on Medway" should reimburse the council’s defence costs.

The motion, set to go before the council on Thursday, October 16, also pays dedication to the hard work and commitment of council officers, residents, Medway MPs, and partner organisations for their commitment in fighting the plan.

Stansted Airport. Stock image
Stansted Airport. Stock image

Peninsula ward Cllr Chris Irvine said: "Residents have once again had to fight off airport proposals all because Boris Johnson arrogantly thought he could build an airport on top of their homes.

"Unlike the vast majority of West London, the people of Medway did not purchase their homes in the vicinity of a major hub airport. In fact a large number of Peninsula residents live there because of the scenery and tranquility that the surrounding environment offers.

"Despite being told time and time again about the cost, environmental, safety and space issues that existed, Boris Johnson continued to pursue this scheme without even having the good grace to visit Medway and speak to the people who's lives he wanted to ride roughshod over.

"Boris Johnson should do the honourable thing. He should apologise to Medway residents and reimburse the council taxpayer the money Medway Council has had to spend defeating his pie in the sky proposal."

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