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Gillingham chairman Paul Scally says Priestfield life bans will be issued if any of their own fans caused trouble at the Euro 2020 final

If any Gillingham fans are found guilty of causing trouble at the Euro 2020 final they can expect life bans from Priestfield.

Investigations are under way by footballing authorities and arrests have been made after last weekend's Wembley final between England and Italy was marred by ugly scenes as people forced their way into the stadium. UEFA have already charged the English FA over other incidents on the day.

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally has threatened to ban troublemakers after violence at the Euro 2020 final (49329630)
Gillingham chairman Paul Scally has threatened to ban troublemakers after violence at the Euro 2020 final (49329630)

The Met Police are still looking for people they want to question in relation to the disorder, issuing a fresh appeal for assistance on Saturday.

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally had been at the semi-final as England beat Denmark. The English FA were fined 30,000 Euros for trouble that day, with the Danish keeper targeted with a laser pointer, disturbances during the national anthems and the use of fireworks.

Trouble got a lot worse at the final itself. A number of people have been arrested in connection with the disturbances as ticketless fans managed to gain access to the stadium, some by force, leading to violence in and around the ground. UEFA are investigating the incidents and have already charged the English FA over actions of those inside the stadium which included invasion of the pitch, throwing of objects, booing the Italian anthem and the lighting of a firework.

Mr Scally said: “I was absolutely shocked having seen what I saw and I am staggered that so many people would have turned up without tickets in this day of age, having gone through the challenges and dramas we have all been through for 15-16 months and should behave so poorly, and should charge stewards and police, people going about their jobs, and trample on people.

“I even heard that (England defender) Harry Maguire’s dad got trampled on and had broken ribs, that is quite sickening. I think every one of those people who turned up and was involved in that should be identified and banned from football for life. If I saw any supporter doing that and I found out they were a Gillingham fan, they would never come in this stadium again.

“It is really sad that happened because it has given us (English football) a bad name and reputation. For the world to see those images is frankly quite sickening and it is really not good.

“I hope everyone that supports this club and every other club in the country will condemn those people, it is quite frankly disgusting what they did.”

Mr Scally’s own daughter was at the final, and the Gills chairman added: “I am really disappointed about that trouble. (The tournament) got the nation back together but it was just ruined by those idiots who tried to stampede their way into the stadium without tickets, putting lives at risk and the reputation of English football at risk.

“I am furious at that and hope the FA and UEFA deal with those people seriously.”

Detective sergeant Matt Simpson, from the Met’s public order crime team, said: “Following the scenes of disorder both at Wembley Stadium and in central London, we made a commitment that those responsible would face consequences.

“This investigation is in its very early stages and I am in no doubt that further appeals and arrests will follow."

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