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The Shouting Men column with Gillingham midfielder Mark Byrne

I have scored some decent goals in my career but I would rather take six or seven tap-ins!

It was a nice goal to get on Saturday, Deano (Parrett) played it into me and I took a shot, it got a little deflection off Dembele.

The last tap-in I had was a couple of years ago now.

Gillingham midfielder Mark Byrne Picture: Ady Kerry
Gillingham midfielder Mark Byrne Picture: Ady Kerry

I like to chip in with as many as I can. The goals I score come from having a bit of confidence and having a go. Whenever I get a chance I will have a go.

I scored a good one last time we went to Shrewsbury, whipping it in late on after Max (Ehmer) hit it off to me, then right at the end I saved one off the line as well.

The goal was definitely better than the clearance though.

After my goal on Saturday, which put us 2-1 up, I thought we would go on and win the game, it’s disappointing that we didn’t.

It comes down to game management and giving away sloppy goals at vital times. On Saturday we go ahead and then five minutes or so later we concede again, same against Sunderland, we go 1-0 up and then thirty seconds or so we concede.

Last year when we were going ahead we were killing teams off, it comes down to a bit of game management and seeing things out.

It’s something the Peterborough player Dembele was good at.

Gillingham midfielder Mark Byrne Picture: Ady Kerry
Gillingham midfielder Mark Byrne Picture: Ady Kerry

He tried to get a penalty, he dived a few times from tackles throughout and I didn’t think it was a penalty, he was going down before I got near him, but to be fair to the lad, he got a lot of fouls for his team and killed the game off for them.

It’s good to have someone like that in your team. He is a tricky player, he is going to win a lot of fouls. He has that game knowhow, to take a foul and kill the game off, slow it down.

At times we had momentum, were trying to get back in it, then he took it into the corner and got a foul.

I picked up another booking last weekend, I’m up to three now and I usually get a few early on. That is the sort of player I am, I give everything and it is going to happen.

I give 100% and I will always go in for tackles. If you take that out of my game, I wouldn’t be the same player.I give the same in training, 100%, ask the lads, I will get stuck in and I don’t back out of tackles. If it is there to be won I will go in for the challenge.

Mark Byrne got booked for this tackle on Siriki Dembele Picture: Ady Kerry
Mark Byrne got booked for this tackle on Siriki Dembele Picture: Ady Kerry

Saturday was our last game played on the current surface, although it wasn’t too bad against Peterborough, but t pitch was wet, it was was slicker.

There have been games where we have tried to pass the ball, it has been cut out and slowed right down, injuries got picked up, myself included. I am not sure whether it was down to the pitch but I picked up a hamstring injury here.

The pitch did cut up when you turned, the grass came up from underneath you.

We do like to try and play a bit, that is what the gaffer wants us to do and a decent pitch does help us out. Hopefully when the pitch gets done, it will be nice to play on and hopefully results will come.

It is still early days in the league, we have played nine games.

Last year we had seven points from 12 games and we went on a great run. Look at how Plymouth did last year.

It is a vital game for us, we have to go and get the win, we want to start picking up points now because we don’t want to be looking over our shoulder in a couple of months’ time, we want to be pushing up that league.

We started the season really well, we just need to go back to basics, and it does come down to game management for me, knowhow and seeing things out, there are vital times we are giving away sloppy goals and that is killing us.

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