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The Shouting Men: Gillingham defender Max Ehmer writes exclusively for the KM Group

We had a frustrating game last weekend, but the team spirit here is unbelievable.

There is great morale and I’m not just saying it.

It’s something you might hear a lot from other managers and you think ‘yeah, they’re just that’ but here it’s true.

Gillingham defender Max Ehmer Picture: Barry Goodwin
Gillingham defender Max Ehmer Picture: Barry Goodwin

The boys are close. That is something the gaffer has drilled into us and the players he brings in fit. He hasn’t brought in any bad eggs and well done to him for that.

There are 10 of us who will come in and play two-touch in the mornings before training for half an hour.

We even played a bit of two-touch the other day in the motorway services. We were only about 20 minutes from our destination but the driver had to stop for 45 minutes for a rest.

That togetherness doesn’t end when we get home, either.

A lot of us are into Call of Duty. We all get the headsets on and play together online against people from across the world. Aaron Morris is pretty good at it.

It’s not always like that at clubs.

There was a year at QPR, as Harry Redknapp came in, the boys didn’t get on at all.

I don’t know how players can dislike each other that much. You see each other every day, you play football together and you dislike someone that much!

When the boys weren’t getting on they were losing a lot of games because they didn’t fight for each other.

Here it is the complete opposite. You fight for each other and team morale is important – you go that extra yard.

The boys at QPR, in the relegation season, people didn’t care at all for each other. It happens at other clubs.

Everyone will work hard when they are ahead but when you are losing that is when the real characters come into play.

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