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Don't give a lucky break to burglars

HOME security is a major issue when you are going on holiday.

The essential outcome is that you return home and find it just as you left it. Four out of five burglaries happen when the house or flat is empty, so don't advertise the fact you are away. This checklist will help you to keep your home secure.

It is also a good idea to get help from your neighbours. Ask them to keep an eye on things while you are away. You can repay the favour by doing the same for them.


* Check your home security before you go away. Do you need to fit additional locks or take some measures to improve general security?

* Leave small valuable items, like jewellery, on deposit at the bank.

* Mark any valuable items with your postcode.

* Arrange for pets to be properly looked after.

* Cut the lawns before you go.

* Cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers.

* Try to make sure your house looks occupied. Closed curtains in the daytime make it look like no one is at home. Buy some automatic time switches to switch on lights and even a radio.

* Don’t leave valuable items like TVs, videos or hi-fi visible through windows.

* Make sure all tools are away and lock the shed or garage with proper security locks.

* Finally, lock all outside doors and windows. If you have an alarm, make sure it is set and that you have informed the police who the key holder is.

Just before you leave it's worthwhile having a quiet couple of minutes to check that you have done everything.

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