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Secret Thinker: What are adult colouring-in books and who on earth is buying them?

Did you know you can get adult colouring books? Apparently it’s the latest craze and you can get pretty much any subject.

I should explain, when I say adult colouring books I mean colouring-in books for adults, I’m not talking about the content. I’m told you can even get adult dot-to-dot books.

Have you heard of colouring-in books for adults?
Have you heard of colouring-in books for adults?

Has the world gone completely mad? Who’s buying these things?

Do you think there are any men out there who have gone back to colouring-in? I don’t think so. Maybe some women have just got more time on their hands.

Mind you, when my wife said she was thinking of buying one as a gift and I Googled it I realised you can in fact get adult colouring-in books, if you know what I mean, wink wink.

I assume these particular ones are only available online, but believe me the full range of subjects, catering for all tastes, is up for grabs. But again, I have to ask who’s buying these speciality items and is it like painting by numbers where you’re advised what colours to use?

Surely no one would sit there and colour in pornographic images so I presume these are only ever bought by women going on hen dos as a saucy gift for the bride-to-be and are later discarded without so much as a felt tip or crayon being picked up.

Again, I have to assume this is a purely female market as no right-minded male is ever going to buy anything like this for a stag do – an unusually shaped inflatable maybe, but not a colouring book.

While I was doing my more exotic online search, my wife - still seeking an ‘ordinary’ colouring book for her friend - had searched the subject and informed me colouring is a healthy way to relieve stress, which calms your brain and helps your body relax.

“Has the world gone completely mad? Who’s buying these things?”

She reckons it can also improve sleep and reduce fatigue by improving your heart rate and respiration.

This may, or may not, be true but I’d need a lot more convincing before I picked up my pencils.

Having said this, I should mention one fantastic health tip I got from my wife recently. And, to be fair I completely poo-pooed this one too before trying it.

On her advice, I have discovered I can get all the relief I need from Darcey Bussell.

Or, to be more specific, Darcey Bussell’s pilates DVD. I know discs are very old school and I’m sure you could download a version elsewhere, but seriously, it’s the best possible thing for a bad back.

I say forget the colouring and take up pilates.

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