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Jetstream Tours passengers capture dolphins playing near SS Montgomery bomb ship near Sheerness

Boat passengers were lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins near a historic bomb ship.

Those travelling on a Jetstream Tours trip by the SS Montgomery off the Isle of Sheppey were delighted to see the playful creatures near Sheerness.

A spokesman for the sightseeing experience company said: “As we approached the SS Montgomery on Saturday (September 2), our passengers were greeted by a very unusual sighting of a small pod of dolphins.

“Approximately a dozen common dolphins were counted playing in the waters between Southend and Sheerness.”

According to the Wildlife Trust common dolphins are “energetic” and often spotted in large groups which will approach boats, bowriding and leaping alongside them.

The organisation explained: “Common dolphins are fast! They can reach swimming speeds of around 30 miles per hour when chasing food or bowriding alongside boats.

“They are found all around the UK, but are most common off south and west coasts and offshore.”

Dolphins spotted by the S.S Montgomery near Sheerness. Picture: Jetstream Tours
Dolphins spotted by the S.S Montgomery near Sheerness. Picture: Jetstream Tours

The video of the dolphins has been viewed more than 20,000 times on Facebook.

One commenter said: “That is amazing! What an added treat.”

Another said: “How exciting. I wish I was there to see them.”

Someone else said: “I’m so jealous. We were out last week and although they were about we didn't catch a glimpse of them.”

On Friday there was a “spectacular” sighting of dolphins playing and catching fish off the Kent coast while they were sailing their classic lifeboat.

Richard and Suzy Judge saw the mammals while taking tourists on a boat ride from Whitstable to Tankerton.

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