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Queenborough nan horrified after ‘feral’ kids stone duck to death on Sheppey

A great-nan who witnessed “feral” children stone a duck to death has labelled the uncontrollable youngsters as “psychopaths”.

Jackie Smith has been left horrified and saddened by the brutal and unnecessary attack which happened on a creek by her daughter's home.

The duck was killed by stone-throwing kids. Picture: Jackie Smith
The duck was killed by stone-throwing kids. Picture: Jackie Smith

The 65-year-old from Harold Street in Queenborough, on Sheppey, said: “I walk my cocker spaniel, Hope, down by Quuenborough Creek twice a day.

“The ducks are used to people feeding them so they usually swim over to the water’s edge but on this occasion, they were met by kids who were hurling big stones at them.”

The nan-of-three explained that she often shouts at children when she sees them standing near the creek throwing stones at the wildlife living in the area.

Jackie, who has lived on the Island her whole life, said: “On Monday, July 24, there were three kids lobbing stones at a duck.

“I screamed at them and they ran off. It wasn’t until I walked closer to the creek that I realised they’d killed one of the birds.

Jackie Smith from Queenborough. Picture: Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith from Queenborough. Picture: Jackie Smith

“It was so sad and really annoying. It looked like there were three impact wounds on the animal.

“They were throwing big stones at this little duck.”

Jackie said that she saw each of the children throwing stones but, as she didn’t catch them on camera, she didn’t want to report them to police and waste the officers’ time.

The mum-of-two added: “I can’t stand the torture of animals.

“They’re feral kids who are doing this. My friend has ponies by the creek and she’s said that children have also been throwing stones at her animals.

The top of Queenborough Creek. Stock Image
The top of Queenborough Creek. Stock Image

“It is really concerning because it’s psychopathic behaviour. Those who start off hurting animals usually later go on to hurt humans.

“They’re pelting stones at innocent animals. They’re sick. It’s really awful.”

This isn’t the first time this month that badly behaved children from the Island have made the headlines.

A cancer patient missed an important hospital appointment after yobs trashed his car.

Keith Larking had previously tackled youngsters using catapults to target property and animals in Minster.

It seems they attacked his Land Rover Discovery in revenge - slashing tyres, breaking the wing mirrors and scratching the paintwork.

Last month Sheerness County Youth Centre boss, Ray Featherstone, claimed the increase in anti-social behaviour by youths on Sheppey is because there is nothing for youngsters to do.

However, Jackie thinks that has nothing to do with it.

She said: “When I was a kid I didn’t have much to do but I would never have hurt an animal.

“I would have read or played outside. Children these days are just not very nice and I think the behaviour starts at home.

“Some of their parents are just as bad and you can’t break that cycle.

“If I saw those kids again I’d want to slap them. Kids like that don’t listen and if you try to speak to them and explain how wrong it is they’d just think it’s funny.

“Kids these days get away with blue murder and I don’t think they care which is sad.”

Queenborough Town Council are aware of the incident and a spokesman said the group was saddened to hear about it.

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