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Louisa Pearce says she was assaulted by staff at Oasis Academy in Sheppey

Police are investigating a confrontation between a parent and school staff that happened after a pupil answered a mobile phone in between lessons.

Louisa Pearce is calling for changes at Oasis Academy in Sheppey after the incident, while officials say the will not tolerate abusive behaviour.

Both she and the school reported the matter to the police.

Louisa Pearce says she was attacked by two teachers
Louisa Pearce says she was attacked by two teachers

Mrs Pearce, 39, who admits pushing the staff back, had gone to the Minster Road campus to find out why her 12-year-old daughter Paige had been told to go to reflection.

It stemmed from a phone call Paige took from a friend asking her to tell the teacher she was running late because of bus problems.

Mrs Pearce said: "A teacher told my daughter to give her the phone or she’d go to reflection.

"She called me crying. I had to go and find out the truth as she was going to be punished for trying to do a good deed."

Mrs Pearce went into a room with two teachers - one male and one female - and Paige.

"One of them told my daughter to watch her tone but she wasn't being rude at all so I decided to leave," she said.

She said the pair were rude while she was walking away.

Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey's west site in Sheerness
Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey's west site in Sheerness

Mrs Pearce, from Rushenden, claims the teachers followed her and insulted her as she was trying to leave.

"I turned to say if this is the attitude this is why the school is failing."

It was then she turned around sharply and collided with a teacher.

"She carried on coming. I had to push her off me and told her to back off of me," she said.

Mrs Pearce added: "I turned around to see a different male teacher attempting to shove me again. He came from nowhere.

"I pushed his head away and told him not to assault me and I would be making a complaint, they said 'go on then, do it'," she added.

"She carried on coming... I had to push her off me and told her to back off of me" - Louisa Pearce

Mrs Pearce, who is looking to find a new school for her daughter, said: "This school needs to change; I'm still in shock.

"I don't want my daughter to miss schooling but it's going to take a few weeks to find her a placement."

Police said they are investigating. No arrests have been made.

An academy spokesman said: "Student and staff safety and wellbeing are our first priority.

"We nurture an environment of mutual respect and consideration that everyone is expected to adhere to.

"We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour, intimidation or physical violence towards staff.

"All academy employees have the right to a safe working environment at all times.

"We are aware of an incident which we have reported to the police and we will not be commenting any further."

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