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Mystery flaming object falls from the sky in Sheerness

A flaming object fell from the sky, shaking the ground "like an explosion", according to Sheerness residents.

Zoey Cross says her 11-year-old daughter Tamuka, captured footage of what seemed to be a fireball plummeting towards Sheppey at 6pm yesterday.

Although it could be a flare, there is confusion as to why it was accompanied by a series of bangs and made the ground shake when it landed.

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It appeared to be plunging towards the sea near Beachfields park as youngsters played nearby.

The concerned mum said: "My daughter was by the sandpit and she messaged me asking if I had just heard the bang.

"There were two or three loud explosions that made the ground vibrate then the fireball fell from the sky.

VIDEO: The flaming object falling from the sky

The barmaid, who works at the Belle and Lion in Sheerness High Street, said she has been looking to find out what the mysterious object was.

She said: "Well people are saying it's a flare and certainly moves like one but I've been watching YouTube videos, trying to work out if it is or not."

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