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Schoolboy's mud rescue drama

Coastguard library image
Coastguard library image

People are being warned about the dangers of mud after a schoolboy got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Ten-year-old Jordan Kerswell and his friend Sammy Allen were out walking a friend's dogs on Saturday at about 12.15pm when the drama began.

They were walking along the cliffs at Warden Bay when they ventured onto the beach and Jordan tripped and the dog he was looking after ran off.

He chased after it and got stuck in soft, liquid mud up to his waist in the process.

Fortunately Eastchurch Primary School pupil Jordan had a mobile phone on him and called the police.

Within minutes officers from Sheppey Coastguard, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Kent Police and a police helicopter were on the scene.

Sammy, a pupil at the Sheppey Academy, stayed with Jordan while they waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

According to Jim Ashby, crew manager at Sheppey fire station, Jordan was only about 20ft from hard ground so they were able to use mud rescue equipment to loosen the suction around his legs and pull him out using a harness.

He was then checked over by paramedics and reunited with his dad.

Stock picture KFRS
Stock picture KFRS

Mr Ashby added: "The area by the cliffs has become quite treacherous so we're warning people not to go out there or they could find themselves in trouble."

Jordan's dad Jim, who lives in Sea View Gardens, Warden Bay, with Jordan and his nine-year-old brother Billy said he heard about the incident from Jordan's nan and rushed straight down to the scene of the rescue.

Jim, 39, said he didn't tell Jordan off too much was he had only got himself stuck because he chased after the dog.

He added: "I would like to say thanks to all the emergency services - they were very quick and did a brilliant job.

"He's over it now, he did complain his legs ached a bit but he went to football on Sunday."

Sheppey Coastguard's Ian Goodwin said: "Jordan was fortunate that he was able to alert the emergency services to his predicament.

"He was totally covered in mud.

"I would like to remind the public of the dangers of mud on Sheppey - it can easily trap people."

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