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‘Dangerous’ bikers caught on CCTV using alleyways and pavements near Sunny Bank Primary School in Murston near Sittingbourne

“Dangerous” motorcyclists who tear down back alleys are a danger to pedestrians, say concerned residents.

Bikers have been captured on CCTV regularly riding down pavements in Thistle Walk, Murston near Sittingbourne.

In the most recent incident caught on camera, three people can be seen riding the first bike while on the second, there are two people. All are wearing hoodies, balaclavas and helmets.

The bikers can be seen riding on the pavement near the rear exit of Sunny Bank Primary School heading down Thistle Walk.

In four other videos seen by KentOnline, the bikers can be seen coming from Gorse Road into Thistle Walk either heading towards Church Road or Hugh Prince Close.

Glenn Wheeler and Jenny Higgins, who live in Thistle Walk, claim to see people riding motorbikes down “rat-run alleyways” at least once or twice a week and fear they will cause an accident.

The residents say the bikers mainly come down the hill from Church Road and use the alley to cut corners into the estate.

Residents of Thistle Walk, Jenny Higgins and Glenn Wheeler, call the bikers "dangerous"
Residents of Thistle Walk, Jenny Higgins and Glenn Wheeler, call the bikers "dangerous"

Glenn, 68, says it “only takes someone to step out from their house at the wrong time for there to be an accident”.

The retired Virgin installation manager, who has been living in Murston since 1981, added that the bikers represent how the area “has gone downhill”.

He said: “It was lovely when I moved here more than 40 years ago but it’s now got a really bad name. There used to be a community here but not anymore.

“There are different groups of bikers who come down the rat-run alleyway between 30 and 40mph.

“It’s started to get worse over the last three or four years and there seems to be no end to it and now they tear down on the pavements at least once or twice a week.

Two bikers were captured on CCTV in Thistle Walk in September heading towards Gorse Road
Two bikers were captured on CCTV in Thistle Walk in September heading towards Gorse Road

“We used to send CCTV to the police via our councillor but there’s nothing they can do as you can’t identify them.

“God forbid they hit a child. They’re dangerous.”

Meanwhile, Jenny says she is “fed up” with the bikers who simply “don’t care”.

The 60-year-old added the only way people can tell the bikes are coming is by hearing them.

A police spokesman says the force is “committed to tackling all incidents of anti-social behaviour, including the illegal and nuisance use of motorcycles”.

The "rat-run" alleyway the bikers drive through
The "rat-run" alleyway the bikers drive through

He added: “Officers and PCSOs continue to patrol local parks, streets and known anti-social behaviour hotspots in Sittingbourne.

“We also continue to urge residents to report any incidents to us.

“This is so important, as it helps build an accurate picture of where there may be persistent problems.”

To report anti-social behaviour online go to the police website or if the crime progresses call 999.

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