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Burglars beware - no way out now

How Smartwater looks on the skin
How Smartwater looks on the skin

It’s called Smartwater - and it catches really thick thieves.

When burglars come into contact with this 21st century crimestopper they are quite literally caught green-handed.

Now officers in Sittingbourne have added Smartwater to their crime-fighting armoury - which should slash the number of break-ins in Swale.

In Nottingham, where it is already used, burglaries have plummeted by up to 95 per cent.

Inspector Evan Jones, said: “Criminals need to be aware that SmartWater has a 100 per cent conviction rate to date with an irrefutable link to the scene of a crime. Already where similar trials of the substance are being used they are having excellent results, with noticeable reductions in burglary, robbery and theft.

“From now on, every offender arrested and brought into the Sittingbourne custody suite will be automatically screened when they are booked in.”

Sittingbourne is one of the first police stations in the county to have detection equipment fitted in a custody suite - and officers there are going to be testing everyone they detain for traces of Smartwater.

The equipment has been paid for by the Community Safety Partnership at Swale Borough Council. Now detectives are urging businesses and homes across Kent to have it fitted. The Community Safety Partnerhip at Swale Borough Council has a limited number of home marking packs - after that they cost around £40 to buy.

Swale Police are amongst the first to use this technology, but it’s to be rolled out across the county within the next eight months.

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