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Tunbridge Wells rape trial hears Chiron Hutchinson searched for pornographic websites

An ex-public schoolboy accused of sex attacks on four young women made internet searches on his computer for pornographic websites, a court heard.

Chiron Hutchinson used search terms such as “against her will”, “forced”, “rape video”, “teen rape” and “beautiful girl forced against her will and then starts to like it”.

Police also found a newspaper report online about a student being raped in a Tunbridge Wells nightclub toilet and an article in The New Scientist headlined “Test can prove rape days later”.

One of the alleged incidents happened in woodland in Harmony Street, Rusthall
One of the alleged incidents happened in woodland in Harmony Street, Rusthall

The searches were made within days of Hutchinson, then 19, allegedly raping a drunk woman he offered a lift home and before it had been reported to police, Maidstone Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Christopher May said police identified 69 pornography searches, with 35 containing the words “forced” or “against her will”.

Hutchinson, of Mount Pleasant, Uckfield, East Sussex, denies six charges of rape, one of attempted rape and six of sexual assault involving three teenage girls and a 24-year-old woman he is alleged to have raped in woodland in Tunbridge Wells.

A jury has heard the former waiter and supermarket worker claimed to be a stockbroker and model with a flat in Hampstead, north London, in an attempt to impress or dissuade them from reporting the assaults.

Giving evidence on his 20th birthday, Hutchinson, who attended fee paying St Bede’s School in Hailsham, East Sussex, claimed he lied about his background because people assumed he was well off.

He described his life as ordinary and “not particularly rich”.

“The fact I had horses, spoke well and went to private school, people assumed I was incredibly wealthy, and so I lived up to the expectation bestowed on me,” he said.

The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court
The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court

“One or two things led to me lying about my lifestyle and the life I lived. This was one of them, just trying to impress people and be someone I thought people would like.”

Hutchinson admitted he was flirtatious and said he had a good understanding of what women liked.

Mr May said some of the offences followed late night visits to clubs in Tunbridge Wells, while others were either at his home or at stables where he kept his horses.

The woman he is accused of attacking was “inebriated” and had smoked some cannabis when she left friends at a bar in the early hours and walked off alone to go home.

She encountered Hutchinson, who had also been drinking heavily, as he left MooMoo Clubrooms in Newton Road.

He offered her a lift home in his mother’s Subaru. But instead of doing so he drove her to a wooded area known as Toad Rock.

“When they got there he opened the door of the car and she was pushed out and fell to the ground,” said Mr May.

The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court
The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court

“She felt his weight pushing down on her back. She tried to fight him off as best she could. She even used her lipstick to try to hit him with.”

He pulled down her jeans and underwear and raped her on the hard, rough ground, it was alleged.

She injured her legs. She was saying “No” and “Stop it”. She did not think he used a condom. Afterwards, she tried to run off but he pushed her face first over the bonnet of the car.

She feared he would rape her again. She scrambled across the car. Hutchinson eventually drove her to a friend’s house.

“She was crying and in a real state,” said Mr May. “She was crying and screaming someone had raped her.”

Publicity after he was charged led to the three teenagers complaining. Two were virgins, with one claiming she had been repeatedly raped.

Asked in evidence if at any time he thought she was not consenting, he replied: “No, definitely not. There is no way there could be any sign of any kind of reluctance in any way. If anything, she was forward for it.”

Hutchinson denied anything sexual happened with another teenager. He claimed they were having a good time simply chatting. There was flirting and he tried to kiss her, he said.

Asked if there was any truth in her claims he molested her, he said: “Not at all, unless attempting to kiss is considered sexual assault.”

The trial continues.

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