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Tunbridge Wells: Chiron Hutchinson allegedly raped and sexually assaulted four young women

A teenager claiming to be a model raped and sexually assaulted four young women over a matter of a few months, a court heard.

Chiron Hutchinson was arrested after a woman, aged 24, complained while being treated for her injuries at Pembury Hospital that he had raped her.

As the investigation progressed, three other women came forward and alleged Hutchinson, 19, had also attacked them between July and October last year.

One of the alleged incidents happened in woodland in Harmony Street, Rusthall
One of the alleged incidents happened in woodland in Harmony Street, Rusthall

Prosecutor Christopher May said some of the offences followed late night visits to clubs in Tunbridge Wells, while others were either at his home or at stables where he kept his horse.

The woman who made the initial complaint was “inebriated” and had smoked cannabis when she left friends at a bar in the early hours and walked off alone to go home.

She encountered Hutchinson, who had also been drinking heavily, as he left MooMoo Clubrooms in Newton Road.

Mr May told a jury at Maidstone Crown Court that shortly before Hutchinson had met another woman at the club and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.

He called himself Chi and said he was a model.

They kissed and he drove her to a country lane. But he agreed to drive her back after a friend called her and told her she was being stupid and irresponsible going off on her own.

"She told him if he didn’t let her go, she would scream" - Prosecutor Christopher May

“She felt his behaviour towards her changed, as if he was disappointed,” said Mr May. “Indeed, as they were walking back he was behaving oddly. He grabbed her by the waist and started carrying her.

“She told him if he didn’t let her go, she would scream. He did so. She saw him again in the club. He tried to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her again when she was leaving.

“The prosecution suggests it is likely the defendant was feeling frustrated after his failed attempt at a sexual encounter.

“Although no sexual activity took place, there is clearly an inference that is what he wanted.”

He offered the other woman a lift home in his mother’s Subaru. But instead of doing so he drove her to a wooded area known as Toad Rock.

“When they got there he opened the door of the car and she was pushed out and fell to the ground,” said Mr May.

The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court
The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court

“She felt his weight pushing down on her back. She tried to fight him off as best she could. She even used her lipstick to try to hit him with.”

He pulled down her jeans and underwear and raped her on the hard, rough ground, it was alleged.

She injured her legs. She was saying “No” and “Stop it”. She did not think he used a condom. Afterwards, she tried to run off but he pushed her face first over the bonnet of the car.

She feared he would rape her again. She scrambled across the car. She saw another man there and she thought Hutchinson gave him his phone number.

Hutchinson eventually drove the woman to her friend’s house.

“She was crying and in a real state,” said Mr May. “She was crying and screaming someone had raped her.”

"She was crying and in a real state. She was crying and screaming someone had raped her" - Prosecutor Christopher May

Friends encouraged her to go to the police. She was later taken to Pembury Hospital, where she reported the alleged attack.

“She was examined and a whole series of injuries were found,” said Mr May.

When arrested at his mother’s home on October 12, Hutchinson said: “I know what this is about.”

The custody officer noted that he had a bite mark to his left forearm.

He claimed the woman consented to sex and afterwards her demeanour changed and she bit his arm.

Mr May added: “All she was expecting was a lift home, but he drove her to that secluded spot to have sex with her before taking her back to her friend’s address where she arrived in that dishevelled and distressed state.”

Hutchinson, of Mount Pleasant, Uckfield, East Sussex, denies six charges of rape, one of attempted rape and six of sexual assault.

The trial continues.

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