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Luke Page from Tunbridge Wells jailed after attacking a man in his own home

A brute who inflicted terrible injuries on the father of his wife’s child over a grudge has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years.

Luke Page left Owen Washburn with fractures to an eye socket, cheekbone, ribs and sinus from punches and kicks in the drunken violence.

Page also robbed the victim in his own home and hurled his cat at a wall, injuring it.

Luke Page has been jailed for nearly ten years after attacking a man in his own home
Luke Page has been jailed for nearly ten years after attacking a man in his own home

A judge told 28-year-old Page he had come “perilously close” to being categorised as a dangerous offender and subject to an extended sentence.

“You assaulted him in the most purposeful way imaginable,” said Judge Jeremy Carey. “The photographs are horrifying.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard Page may have been angered because Mr Washburn contacted Social Services about the welfare of his son.

Holding beer cans, Page went with another man to Mr Washburn’s home in Tunbridge Wells on March 16, forced his way in and launched the assault.

Prosecutor Vivian Walters said Page unleashed a flurry of blows at Mr Washburn, knocked him down and repeatedly kicked and stamped on him.

The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court
The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court

Page threatened to get a knife and asked the other man to fetch one.

“He picked up Mr Washburn’s pet cat and threw it with force against the wall, injuring it, demonstrating the fury he was in,” said Miss Walters.

He demanded to know where the victim’s wallet was and then took a television, Play Station and mobile phone.

When police went to Page’s home in Woodbury Park Road he continued to be violent and had to be restrained and handcuffed.

He shouted at officers: “Come on you ------- -----, you are going to have to fight me.” A large knife was close to him.

Mr Washburn was taken to hospital and treated for the fractures and swelling and bruising.

Page, who admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and robbery, told police the victim had attempted to “stitch him up” because he was married to his ex-girlfriend and they were very happy.

Miss Walters said Page had 18 convictions for 40 offences, including violence.

Christopher Surtees-Jones, defending, said Page would continue to address his issues while in custody.

“I don’t wish to belittle what must have been a horrifying incident,” he said. “His strongest mitigation is his guilty pleas.”

Judge Carey said: “The photographs reveal the most appalling site of a man lying in a hospital bed with a grossly swollen face and multiple bruising, to say nothing of the fractures.”

He told Page: “He did nothing. He deserved no kind of physical confrontation, even less the attack you perpetrated. Not content with humiliating him physically, you stole from him.

“You threw his cat against the wall and terrified him by asking your accomplice to fetch a knife. You left the flat and behaved in exactly the same way - cockily, aggressively and wholly criminally.

“Your approach to the police was disgusting. You should be ashamed of your behaviour.”

The judge added that Mr Washburn had been deeply affected, having been driven from his home.

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