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Headcorn mum 'wanted boob job with laundered cash stolen from pensioners'

A mother-of-one accused of money laundering asked her husband if she could get a boob job done with the cash, a court heard.

Eleanor O'Brien told a jury she didn't ask her husband any questions about where he got his money from because he would get angry and smash their place up.

O'Brien is currently on trial at Canterbury Crown Court accused of money laundering in relation to just over £17,000 which was conned out of two elderly people by her husband Harry Peacock, also known as Harry Wilson.

O'Brien has been accused of laundering money. Stock picture
O'Brien has been accused of laundering money. Stock picture

O'Brien, 22, of Lenham Road, Headcorn has denied she knew where her husband got the cash after he asked her to put into her bank account and then transfer it to another account to pay for a new van.

Her husband is currently in prison serving a three year and four month sentence for conning the two pensioners out of the money.

He admitted defrauding them out of £17,100 of their savings in October last year.

O'Brien, who has a 13 month-old son with Peacock, is accused of laundering the cash through her NatWest bank account and transferring it into another account.

The money was later used by the couple to buy a £22,500 brand new Mercedes van.

A receipt for payment for the van was in O'Brien's name.

She comes from the travelling community and married Peacock in August 2017, after he asked her mum and dad for permission.

O'Brien claims soon after the marriage she realised Peacock was addicted to weed and said would be out all hours of the day and night.

She told the jury of eight men and four women she would never know where her husband was and what he was up to.

She also claims when she tried to question him about what he had been up to, he would tell her its none of her business and get angry and smash up their home.

O'Brien gave evidence at her on Wednesday, June 19.

Canterbury Crown Court (12513719)
Canterbury Crown Court (12513719)

O'Brien claims shortly after the birth of her son in May last year, she got ill and depressed and the couple would argue more.

However, text messages between the pair show he had asked her to transfer cash from her account to another account which had been kept in a shoebox under their bed.

While in the dock, O'Brien admitted she had allowed Peacock to use her account to buy things online, but maintained she did not know where the £17,100 came from and how much money he had.

Text messages between the pair suggested he had amassed £25,000 and he was trying to get £30,000 saved up so they could have a nice family life together with their young son.

Dickon Reid prosecuting, asked O'Brien where she thought the money in the shoebox came from.

She replied: "I didn't think at all, it didn't occur to me.

"I do not know where the cash came from I just did what he told me to do."

However, she did admit she lied in her police interview when she told officers the van was hers and produced an Irish solicitors' letter about a compensation claim she had been paid out.

Another text message sent from O'Brien to her husband asked it he could put her boob job on the list of things they were going to pay for.

His reply said: "After I've got to 30, I've got 25 now so nearly there."

"I do not know where the cash came from I just did what he told me to do..." - Eleanor O'Brien

When questioned by her barrister Yvette Kresner about what life was like with her husband at the time, she said: "Harry would do things with his brother. I would never get a straight answer.

"He would get up and go out and not come back until about 6pm and if I didn't have his dinner ready he would be angry.

"He would go out again in the evening and he just wanted to get high and I had to do everything by myself.

"He was not interested in the baby.

"He said he was out fishing all the time. I would beg him to come home so I could go food shopping, he spent all his money.

"My mum and dad had got the baby stuff. He didn't want to know. He just flips out. "

She also claimed she lied during her interview because that's what her husband had told her to do when he dropped her off at the police station.

Judge Mark Weekes, preceding is expected to sum up the case tomorrow morning and will then send the jury out to reach their verdict.

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