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Paddock Wood woman with stomach paralysing condition gastroparesis fundraising for natural Ayurveda treatment

A woman with a stomach condition, which sees her frequently vomit faeces, is hoping to raise enough money to pay for a natural treatment in India.

Jacqui Hayward-Gant, from Paddock Wood, has been in and out of hospital due to the illness countless times and thinks the alternative Hindu treatment, known as Ayurveda, could help enhance her life.

Mrs Gant hopes to receive enough donations so she can go to India
Mrs Gant hopes to receive enough donations so she can go to India

The 54-year-old was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2014 - a condition where the stomach nerves are paralysed, making it extremely difficult to go to the toilet. She hasn't had a bowel movement for the past four months.

It is incurable and after trying out several treatments, she is still no closer to finding relief.

The ordeal has forced her to quit her job and make frequent trips to London to see specialists at St Mark's Hospital and The Royal London Hospital.

From the moment Mrs Gant, of Warrington Road, wakes up she experiences pain and nausea.

Before starting medication to stop it in April, the former nurse matron was vomiting multiple times a day, sometimes bringing up blood.

Mrs Gant was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2014
Mrs Gant was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2014

Although it helps prevent the sickness, she has to deal with the side effect of Parkinsons-like tremors instead.

During her time with the illness, she has had two blockages in her lungs, known as pulmonary embolisms, and numerous blood clots.

Her inability to digest food has also seen her develop diabetes.

After doctors told her there was nothing more they could do to help her except treat her symptoms, she decided to try a form of natural medicine.

When she was diagnosed with Crohn's - an inflammatory bowel disease - at the age of 17, she used Ayurveda treatments and found it helped ease her condition.

Mrs Gant pictured before she was diagnosed
Mrs Gant pictured before she was diagnosed

Unfortunately, despite several attempts, she hasn't been able to return to India since her diagnosis in 2014 but is planning to go in October this year to see if it could help her again.

Mrs Gant needs to raise £7,200 to go to the best Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, South India.

She said: "If I don't reach the target there are other places I can go but it's like instead of being able to go to Waitrose you have to go to Aldi."

To allow the hospital enough time to find the right treatment she has to stay there for at least three weeks.

During that time she hopes they will find a natural medicine, unavailable in the UK, which helps get her bowel moving.

UK doctors told her there was nothing else they could do
UK doctors told her there was nothing else they could do

According to Mrs Gant, the medics perform two treatments, including placing drugs and herb-filled muslin bags all over her body so the medicine goes directly into the body and a massage which is said to balance health.

Once they find an effective one, she will return home and the drugs will be shipped to her.

Although the measures may seem extreme, she feels she has no other option: "I have waited months to see specialists in the UK but we haven't got that much time left.

"I just want to get to India for some treatment and relief."

If her condition is left untreated, she said she could end up in a hospice.

Due to her condition, her husband John has to do everything in their house.

Speaking about how it affects their relationship, she said: "It is difficult because it gives you low self-esteem. Just walking around can make me breathless but he is excellent."

So far, she has raised more than £1,000. To donate to Mrs Gant's Go Fund Me page, click here.

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