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Thief steals Christmas gift left out for bin men in Chestfield, near Whitstable

A brazen thief was caught on CCTV stealing Christmas presents left out for the binmen.

Borrowing from the Grinch’s playbook, the hooded yob is seen spotting the gifts on the roadside in Chestfield, near Whitstable, before doubling back and snatching them.

The culprit made his escape with a box of biscuits, a case of beer and a Christmas card containing a £20 note.

The theft in Chestfield Road happened just after 9am on December 13.

It was discovered when the homeowner Jo noticed her offering was missing - but her bins were still full.

The 54-year-old, who didn't want to give her surname, says she was left shocked when she watched back CCTV footage to find out what had happened to the gifts.

"It was very disappointing to say the least..."

“It’s just outrageous," she said.

"I put the presents out for the festive season, to wish the binmen well, so I just didn’t expect it at all.

“I’m just hoping someone recognises him. I’ve got elderly neighbours who also put presents and money out for the binmen and I don’t want them to get caught out too.

The CCTV footage shows this man making off with the presents left out for the refuse collectors
The CCTV footage shows this man making off with the presents left out for the refuse collectors

“I’ve given the binmen a Christmas present for years and nothing like this has ever happened but here he is, in Chestfield.

“My first thought was, who would do that?

"But obviously there are people out there who are doing stuff like that and it was very disappointing to say the least.”

When the binmen did arrive, Jo told them what had happened and said they were furious to hear their presents had been stolen.

Jo said: “I’m not looking to hang, draw and quarter this lad but if someone could just tap him on the shoulder and say ‘I know you did this and it's really wrong’.”

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