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Grafitti artist Catman sprays anti-plastic artwork on Pilgrims Hospice shop, Whitstable, on David Attenborough's birthday

Graffiti artist Catman has sprayed a brand new piece of art on the side of a charity shop - and it comes with a poignant message.

The Whitstable-based artist - widely regarded as Kent's answer to Banksy - hasn't sprayed a new piece of art in his home town since 2017.

But last night - to coincide with the birthday of David Attenborough - he created a surprise new piece on the side of the Pilgrims Hospice charity shop in the town centre.

'Wasted Time'. Pic: Catman (9947462)
'Wasted Time'. Pic: Catman (9947462)

The new artwork - entitled Wasted Time - depicts an hourglass.

But instead of sand, it contains a map of the world - which appears to turn into plastic bottles as it trickles down, falling into a large heap below.

"I wanted to do it as close to the sea as I could..." Catman

Speaking exclusively to KentOnline, the notoriously private artist said: "The piece is playing on the fact that we're running out of time to do something about what we're doing to the planet - creating plastic pollution that's going into the water.

"It's also portraying the way we're turning the earth's natural minerals into this man-made human substance that's slowly killing the earth."

Catman says he felt it was important to create this piece in Whitstable. He has previously sprayed artworks including his well-known “shop local” and “drink local” pieces promoting the independent shop scene, and an image of the Queen riding a hoverboard in the town.

Graffiti artist Catman, who keeps his identity under wraps
Graffiti artist Catman, who keeps his identity under wraps

"I wanted to do it as close to the sea as I could," he said.

"I was looking for somewhere that I could portray it as close as I can to the ocean, which is where so much plastic is ending up.

"This is the first paint of a new series of pieces I'm going to produce over this year that's solely based on climate change and plastic.

"It's addressing an issue I feel strongly about. I'm dedicating the rest of the year to creating a range of fresh work like this."

The artist also revealed he hopes to help raise money to combat plastic waste, using a practice "test spray" of Wasted Time.

He said he would release more details in the future.

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