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Herne Bay dad protests in Chestfield McDonald's after UberEats delivery issues

A furious dad's protest over his missing McDonald's items was finally brought to an end when he was threatened with arrest.

David Shepherd took his position on the counter of the Chestfield drive-thru near Whitstable last night and claimed he would not move until he got his full order.

David Shepherd is staging a protest on the counter of the Chestfield drive-thru
David Shepherd is staging a protest on the counter of the Chestfield drive-thru

The father-of-four from Herne Bay had bought almost £80 worth of takeaway from the fast-food chain as a treat for his family, who had a friend staying over with his children.

However, when the seven meals were delivered by an UberEats driver, the family were shocked to find there were no drinks or fries with the order.

"We phoned UberEats, but they would only refund some of the missing items – which does us no good when we're trying to treat our kids to a meal," Mr Shepherd explained.

"In the meantime, I decided to drive to McDonald's to ask them to replace the missing items, but I was told it was 'against company policy' to do so.

"At that point the food was already cold so we have £80 worth of a meal that we're not getting."

The refusal has led Mr Shepherd, a full-time musician, to decide to stage a protest – in the form of sitting on the counter – until he gets the missing items from his order at the 24-hour site.

At 10.54pm, Mr Shepherd's wife confirmed he had voluntarily left the scene after blocking the drive-thru due to the potential of police involvement.

Speaking last night he told KentOnline: "I'm sat here watching things on my phone and I have absolutely no intention of moving.

"If that means asking my wife to go home and come back with a charger, duvet and pillows, then so be it.

"What is ironic is that while I have been here, a number of people have come in to complain about things missing from their order."

The staff at the drive-thru are understood to have called the police, only to be informed that the force cannot take action.

The McDonald's in Chestfield is open 24 hours
The McDonald's in Chestfield is open 24 hours

"The police said that it was a civil matter and out of their hands," said Mr Shepherd, 51.

"I know it all seems petty and very much like a 'first-world problem' but I'm not a naturally petty person, I've been involved in protests about the bigger things in life.

"All of this would have been avoided if they’d just given us the dinner we’d paid for."

A police spokesman confirmed they were made aware of the dispute at around 6.45pm.

She said: "As no criminal offences were being reported, management were advised to try and resolve the matter amicably but told to call back if they have any concerns for their safety and that of their customers.

"At around 8.20pm the force received a second call reporting that a man had become aggressive.

"Patrols attended and spoke to the man who agreed to settle the matter. No offences were reported."

McDonald's and UberEats have been contacted for comment.

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