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Playing fields in Whitstable being abused by drinking parties

A playing field popular with dog walkers and families is being blighted by piles of rubbish left by groups having all-night parties.

Empty beer cans, plastic bags and even tents have been left behind at Church Street playing field in Whitstable.

The green space is regularly used by families, dog walkers, runners and youngsters playing football, but people living in the area say it is being ruined by a small minority.

Cllr Jenny Samper lives in Church Street and walks her dog on the field. “It is a splendid space but we get groups of youths who will sit there and then leave their rubbish,” she said.

Rubbish left at Church Street
Rubbish left at Church Street

“There’s always somebody who makes it unpleasant for someone else.

“By and large the majority of people use the field for wonderful recreation.

“There’s the teatime group who walk their dogs there, little groups enjoying the space, children playing football.

“But there are also those who spoil it for others – every time I see them I say ‘Oi, you’.

“It’s those anti-social people who are selfish and can’t be bothered to clear up after themselves.

Church Street playing fields is popular with dog walkers
Church Street playing fields is popular with dog walkers

“Unless the neighbourhood police are actually there all the time, it is difficult to monitor. The rubbish does get cleared up.

“I think sometimes people go there with a plastic bag and clear it up themselves.

“It’s a joy to have such a space, I rejoice every time I’m there, so it’s a shame it gets ruined by a small group.

“If anyone could say to these yobbos, take your rubbish home with you, that would be a good thing.”

Another fed-up dog walker said the problem was getting worse and no one seemed to be doing anything about it.

Cllr Jenny Samper
Cllr Jenny Samper

She said: “Church Street playing fields – about the only decent spot of open space in Whitstable and popular with dog walkers – is used as a haven for people having gatherings/parties/overnighters and leaving piles of rubbish behind.

“I think they are just going over to Tesco to stock up and bringing the stuff back to their mates.

“There are beer cans, empty boxes, plastic bags, even tents are left behind.”

The piece of land is owned by Kent County Council and connected to the Community College, Whitstable.

Kent County Council did not comment.

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