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Ashford mother Adele Ciccone's horror as sick hoax text claims teenage son fighting for life after crash

A shocked Ashford mother was the victim of a sick prank when she was sent a text message saying her son had been involved in a potentially fatal crash.

Adele Ciccone, 46, was at home in Kennington when she received the vile hoax.

The message said 17-year-old Michael had been driving and was involved in a car crash.

Adele Ciccone was the victim of a sick text prank
Adele Ciccone was the victim of a sick text prank

It claimed the teenager had then been airlifted to hospital with his friend, who was his passenger, now in intensive care and close to death.

Mrs Ciccone said: "I can't express how I felt, but I couldn't breathe and I felt really sick.

"My son only has a provisional licence and this may be something he could do as a teenager itching to drive. You can imagine what my thought process was at this time.

"We rang the number the message came from, which we assumed was his friend's phone, over and over to no avail.

"My mother, Michael's sister and brother were all crying and my mum arranged for someone to get us to the hospital as I was in no fit state to drive.

"My son was with his dad for the weekend and very fortunately Michael's grandad managed to get hold of Michael's dad to confirm all was well."

Mrs Ciccone called the police once she had managed to compose herself, but said the incident has played on her mind ever since.

The intention behind it remains a mystery, as no additional charges resulted from the calls made and texts sent to the number.

But the mother-of-five has since learned she is not the only one to have been targeted by the message.

"I can't express how I felt, but I couldn't breathe and I felt really sick..." - mother Adele Ciccone

A search of the internet reveals the number has been used to send similar shocking messages to people across the UK, even leading one school in Surrey, Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form in Surbiton, to issue a warning to parents.

Mrs Ciccone added: "With hindsight if I had been able to think rationally at the time, if my son had been airlifted I think the police would have contacted me.

"But when you receive such a message you do not think rationally. It seemed so real at the time and it caused complete shock.

"I went on to search online for the number and it would appear many people have received messages along similar lines all over the country.

"Forearmed is forewarned and this was such a sick and horrible scam that I feel it necessary to draw it to the attention of readers.

"Just to save one person from the trauma we experienced would make a big difference."

Police are urging anyone else who receives this text or similar ones to phone 101.

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