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Ashford educated author Sean Page is spending a week in a bunker to survive a zombie Apocalypse simulation

Author Sean Page
Author Sean Page

A zombie-obsessed author who wrote a guide to surviving the rise of the living dead is putting his money where his mouth is - by spending a week in an underground bunker.

In July 2010 Sean T Page (pictured right) released his first book, The Official Zombie Handbook, which prepares survivors for an apocalyptic zombie onslaught and gives detailed techniques to help readers last out the first 90-days.

To experience some of the possible conditions of life once the dead roam the earth the author - educated at Ashford’s Norton Knatchbull School - will be isolating himself in voluntary solitary confinement in an ex-cold war bunker.

Sean will be utilising survival techniques from his Handbook in a realistic post-apocalyptic setting, likened to the film I am Legend, where a lone survivor of a viral outbreak lives out his life in a heavily fortified home.

About the experiment, he said: “I’ve talked about it so many times in my books, I suppose I just wanted to try to real thing.

“As the event’s got closer, I’ve grown more and more nervous. I am prepared but the idea of spending five long, lonely days in isolation has been lurking in the back of my mind.

“It’s a huge site so I won’t feel claustrophobic, but it’s a world full of dim lights, shadows, long corridors and Cold War computers - it’s really a question of not knowing what to expect.”

Descending into the bunker
Descending into the bunker

While the scenario might seem far-fetched, Sean claims that while a decade ago a human’s lifetime risk of developing into a zombie was one in 12, that today it is one in nine.

The bunker he will be living in - located in Essex and designed to house over 400 people - is spread across three floors of underground concrete levels and packed with Cold War equipment and even a small hospital.

“I have a routine of tasks I will try to keep to,” Sean added, “but I’m sure there will still be boring hours wandering the endless rooms. By night, I’m going to be barricaded in an isolated room.

“My food rations are basic and I’ve taken a few books but I’m not loaded with DVD’s or anything - I want this to be a real survival experience.

Sean surveys Cold War battle plans
Sean surveys Cold War battle plans

“I’m going to keep up regular perimeter checks and try to get myself into the mindset that I am the last survivor.”

Sean's Armageddon simulation will last for five days from this Sunday, when he will enter the bunker.

His only contact with the outside world will be via a daily blog and video, which can be viewed online.

Visit www.ministryofzombies.com, the Ministry of Zombies Facebook Page or follow @ZombiesMinistry on Twitter.

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