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A 37-year-old man suffered a fractured eye socket when he stood up to teenage thugs in Canterbury

A hairdresser has told how he suffered a fractured eye socket when he tried to intervene as a group of youths harassed a young girl.

The news comes just days after two men reported being attacked by teenage thugs armed with iron bars and dog chains in Canterbury.

Ringo Woolgar, 37, contacted the KM after hearing how Matthew White and Joshua Buggins were set upon in the Dane John Gardens.

Mr Woolgar was attacked by youths
Mr Woolgar was attacked by youths

Mr White had his right ear torn in half and Mr Buggins suffered a broken nose after being confronted in the park late at night last week.

In similar circumstances, Mr Woolgar was confronted as he walked through a city centre churchyard alongside Castle Street and St Mary’s Street in March - a stone's throw from where Mr White and Mr Buggins were attacked.

He said: “It was a Friday night, only about 9.30. I was with a friend walking to the station. We cut through the little park.

“A girl was being shouted at. She was surrounded by these lads, all about 16 or 17. Her and this young lad were really screaming at each other.

“It was the way that these other lads were circling her that was really horrible."

Mr Woolgar says he and his friend were deliberating over whether to intervene when the youths turned on him.

“We slowed a little as we walked past and they immediately hurled abuse – threatening to stab us with bottles, telling is to walk on, that sort of thing," he said.

Ringo Woolgar suffered a fractured eye socket
Ringo Woolgar suffered a fractured eye socket

“I then received a blow to my head.

“The police were there pretty much straight away because a witness had called them.

“The witness claims he’d seen them kicking and punching me. I was dazed and was asked if I wanted to press charges. I said no because I thought I was ok.

“They [police] said you really should go to hospital. Turns out I had a fractured eye-socket.”
Detectives have issued a stark warning following the attack on Mr Buggins and Mr White, which happened on Friday night.

Kent Police says it will “relentlessly pursue” groups of youngsters responsible for crime and anti-social behaviour in areas around the Dane John Gardens.

Dane John Gardens in Canterbury
Dane John Gardens in Canterbury

In a statement, police said that the Dane John area was heavily covered by CCTV and that officers were scouring footage.

Insp Ian Coates said: “Dane John Gardens remains a focus for our patrols, especially in the evenings, and we regularly lay on extra officers to deal with incidents in the area.

“It is often designated as a dispersal area as we are aware groups will congregate there and cause anti-social behaviour issues.

“Dane John Garden is also heavily covered by CCTV, which is useful in securing prosecutions when arrests are made.

“We are aware of individual groups that congregate in the area and will continue to focus our resources and ensure it is policed effectively.”

Joshua Buggins (front) and Matthew White
Joshua Buggins (front) and Matthew White

Following Friday’s attack, police spokesman Sally Smith said two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, had been arrested.

She said: “The investigation continues. Two suspects have been bailed and we await results of items that have been sent for forensic examination.

“The injuries sustained are serious and understandably this is an alarming event. We will continue to ensure that Dane John Gardens remains a priority target area for our patrols.

“Officers will relentlessly pursue those involved in violent crime and anti-social behaviour.”

The two youths will return to Canterbury police station on June 12.

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