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Gutsy Julia Rogers of Mill Road, Hawley, honoured after confronting burglar

A gutsy mum has revealed how she chucked a burglar out of her home after he threatened to shoot her 10-year-old daughter unless she gave him cash.

Julia Rogers, 47, of Mill Road, Hawley, confronted the intruder in her bathroom where he stood behind Lily and pretended to hold a gun to her back.

He demanded keys to a safe but left with nothing after Julia punched him in the face and dragged him downstairs and out the house.

Brave mum Julia Rogers, with daughter Lily and son Danny
Brave mum Julia Rogers, with daughter Lily and son Danny

But despite being given his marching orders, the man returned and threatened to kill Julia, Lily and her 18-year-old son Danny - who was also at home at the time.

After refusing to bow to the man's menacing threats, he eventually fled but was tracked down thanks to the family and is now serving a 10-year prison term.

The family were honoured at Kent Police's Chief Constable commendation ceremony last night for their courageous actions.

Jullia, a rental agent at Dartford Motors, said she feared the family's terrifying encounter could have resulted in tragedy.

She said: "It could have been a lot worse, especially if he did have a gun, although I don't believe he did.

"Lily has always been a resilient girl but she didn't sleep for about six months afterwards and I don't sleep too well.

"This award is a nice outcome to a really horrible situation."

Picture: Thinkstock
Picture: Thinkstock

Julia says she first thought her son Danny had brought a friend home when a man wearing a baseball cap had entered her daughter's room and turned the light on.

She had left Lily in her room after the pair fell asleep watching television.

But as her suspicions began to stir, they turned to panic when she returned to her bedroom to find Lily missing.

She later found her distressed daughter in the bathroom with the burglar standing behind her.

Julia said: "Lily was distraught and I was in total disbelief.

"It took a while for it to register, he was demanding keys to the safe even though we don't have one. He was high on drugs."

Julia managed to drag the man down the stairs and out the house, past her 79-year-old partially sighted mum in the kitchen, and into the garage where he entered.

There a struggle broke out where Julia managed to rip off the man's t-shirt and pull down his trousers.

"The courage demonstrated by Mrs Rogers, Danny and Lily under such terrifying circumstances was exceptional" - Chief constable Alan Pughsley

His yellow pants later led to his arrest - after Julia identified them following his capture and arrest.

As the family sat down for a cup of tea, the burglar burst back into the dining room and again promised to kill the family unless they handed him cash.

But 18-year-old Danny reacted calmly trying to talk to the crazed intruder while Julia phoned the police.

He left again but later broke into the family car after taking the keys when he broke in.

Julia managed to fight him off again, hitting him with bamboo sticks before the man fled in a taxi.

She said Lily managed to strike the man with a kick before he left.

It was later revealed he had attended a party nearby and embarked on a thieving spree of neighbours in Mill Road.

He was found by police with more than £2,000 worth of valuables in his possession.

The incident took place on Sunday, May 11 last year.

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley said: "The courage demonstrated by Mrs Rogers, Danny and Lily under such terrifying circumstances was exceptional.

"No-one should have to endure what they did, and they should feel proud of themselves for how they handled the situation.

"This commendation formally marks their bravery and fortitude."

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