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Shocking image shows desperate migrants scale funnel of DFDS ship Calais Seaways

This shocking image shows desperate migrants clinging to the funnel of a DFDS ferry at Calais.

It was taken as more than 100 migrants breached port security on Saturday night and around half of them managed to clamber aboard the Dover-bound ferry.

A small group scaled the ship's funnel after getting onto an external walkway attached to it, with French fire crews left to talk them down.

Migrants clamber onto the ship's funnel. Picture: TF1
Migrants clamber onto the ship's funnel. Picture: TF1

Others hid in the ship, while two migrants were reported to have fallen in the sea and at least 50 arrests were made.

Charlie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal described the incident as a "shocking security lapse" by the French authorities and is demanding an explanation.

He said: “How on earth were hundreds of migrants able to enter the Port of Calais and storm a ferry? It’s clear there was a shocking security lapse and the French authorities must explain themselves. This must have been a terrifying experience for the ship’s crew.

The migrants climbed aboard a DFDS Seaways ship at Calais (7567548)
The migrants climbed aboard a DFDS Seaways ship at Calais (7567548)

“It’s vital firm action is taken to make sure migrants cannot get into Britain – whether by invading Calais or trying to sneak in on small boats."

The incident shows the increasingly extreme measures that migrants are taking and Gilles Debove, a Calais police union spokesman told The Telegraph that the approach of Brexit had increased the number of attempts made to cross the Channel.

He said: “This was a coordinated, simultaneous assault and when it started there were too few police officers to intervene.

"The riot police reinforcements usually present in Calais had been sent to deal with the ‘yellow vest’ protests. As Brexit comes closer, we’re seeing more migrants try to reach England.”

Dover and Deal MP Charile Elphicke (7567546)
Dover and Deal MP Charile Elphicke (7567546)

Now Mr Elphicke is calling for co-operation with France on a joint security zone, with 24-hour surveillance of the coastline.

He said: “Security needs to be stepped up urgently at Calais. And the English Channel should be made a joint UK/France security zone with round the clock aerial surveillance, so migrants can be picked up and returned safely to France.

“The best deterrent for these dangerous incidents is knowing they will not succeed.”

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