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Campaigners from Folkestone United and EDL set to clash at Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal over Calais migrant crisis

Some 2,000 migrants stormed Eurotunnel's French terminal in Calais last night, the operator has revealed.

The operator has confirmed the invasion was the cause of delays to this morning's service.

A spokesman said: "There was huge cooperation between the authorities and the Eurotunnel teams".

Migrants are taking risks to board Eurotunnel trains to Kent. Picture: @daftnelly.
Migrants are taking risks to board Eurotunnel trains to Kent. Picture: @daftnelly.

Two migrants were hit by a train and several others rescued from drowning after they attempted to board a Eurotunnel train to Kent.

The pair of Sudanese nationals are being treated in a French hospital after they were struck by the high-speed service destined for the Channel Tunnel last night.

Seven others were reportedly saved after falling into water near the entrance to the tunnel at the same time.

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It was the latest in a spate of recent incidents involving migrants attempting to get to the UK.

Just last week, the body of a teenage boy was found on the roof of a shuttle carriage in Folkestone.

He was found by Eurotunnel staff in a loading bay who called an ambulance and the police. It is thought the victim was a migrant trying to enter the UK.

The crisis in Calais has contributed to disruption on cross-Channel ferries and trains, and subsequent travel chaos caused by Operation Stack on the M20.

Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone
Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone

It has prompted campaigners to organise protests in Folkestone this weekend - but rival groups look set to clash.

A demonstration to “stand with the Calais migrants” trying to board Eurotunnel trains to Britain was organised on Monday for Saturday.

It has been organised by the campaign group Folkestone United to highlight the “deaths of the migrants risking their lives” to get into the UK.

The demonstration will be held outside the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone in Ashford Road at 11am on Saturday, August 1.

Video: Migrants walk along the tracks in Calais

Bridget Chapman from Folkestone United said: “I will be going to this demo to show support for fellow humans who find themselves in dire circumstances.

“I am one of many fed up with the way this issue has been reported, with migrants described in dehumanising, almost zoological language.

“The focus has been on the inconvenience to holiday makers, rather than the deaths of innocent people driven to desperate measures.

“I believe it’s important for other people to attend to show that they stand in solidarity with the Calais migrants, that they expect their governments to help and support these people.”

Migrants spotted by the tracks in Calais. Picture: @daftnelly.
Migrants spotted by the tracks in Calais. Picture: @daftnelly.

But far-right groups the English Defence League (EDL) and the National Front say they have organised a counter protest in response saying they “fully oppose this demo”.

A statement from the EDL added: “The left wing appeasers have the audacity to actually be having a demonstration in Folkestone to support the entry into Britain of immigrants currently living in Calais.

“Of course we are greatly saddened by these deaths but why should Britain pay for their illegal attempts at entry. We have taken more than our fair share of immigrants into Britain.”

A police spokesman said: “Kent Police are aware of these Facebook pages and is currently assessing any potential policing issues.”

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