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Second hand cars in Kent: How much does it cost to buy used Bugatti Veyron, Bentley, Rolls Royce or Ferrari LaFerrari?

Buying a second hand car is normally seen as the cheaper alternative to splashing out on a brand new motor.

After all, you don't have to suffer that 'this car has depreciated by several thousand pounds just by driving it off the forecourt' sinking of the stomach when picking one up.

'Sure, this Polo is great, Dad, but could you lend me £1m for a Ferrari? Dad? Are you still there?'
'Sure, this Polo is great, Dad, but could you lend me £1m for a Ferrari? Dad? Are you still there?'

But while most of us ponder whether we should upgrade from Punto to Picasso or swap our Daihatsu for a Dacia, for others that second hand car choice is a far more considered opinion.

In fact, it's fair to say there's a market where the not-so-humble motor vehicle becomes more commodity than car.

Welcome to a world of swanky used vehicles which will make that £10,000 you were considering spending on a Vauxhall seem, well, like chump change.

Armed only with an unlimited (and, to prevent a heart attack within the KM's finance team, imaginary) budget, we had a look at what the second hand market in Kent could offer us. Of course, we could have looked for classic Aston Martin's from the 1960s - so we ruled out anything older than the early Nineties - but still found these not-too-cheap gems.

And to build up the tension, here are the pricest ones we could find online in reverse order...

The Bentley Continental. Picture: Jack Henry Group/Autotrader
The Bentley Continental. Picture: Jack Henry Group/Autotrader

10. Bentley Continental Supersports (2018) - £118,995

In this era of Brexit, then it is perhaps fitting that the first on our used car countdown is a luxury vehicle built in the UK. Crewe to be precise. But don't let that put you off. Because this behemoth of a motor vehicle may look rather sedate but it can really shift.

It's not going to be particularly economical courtesy of its 6-litre, W12 engine (a 12-cylinder engine in a W configuration in case you were wondering), but it will hit a top speed in excess of 200mph and shift from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds.

And this particular model comes decked out with £7,000 of optional extras including a TV tuner and a boot carpet (yes, you heard that correctly).

The Jack Henry Group in Maidstone is where you'll want to head if you fancy it.

BMW Z8. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars
BMW Z8. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars

9. BMW Z8 (2000) - £184,990

It would be very easy here to start discussing the stereotype of the BMW driver. But let's not stoop so low.

Suffice to say, no-one will let you out from a junction if you drive this. But with a 4.9-litre V8 engine, you'll probably be able to nip out in front of those with an anti-BMW bias.

Only ever produced in limited numbers - hence this vehicle being more collectible than one to ferry the kids to school in (and as a two-seater that may prove something of a challenge anyway) - when first produced BMW vowed to ensure a stock-pile of replacement parts would be maintained for 50 years. Which is handy, as all elements are hand-made or hand-finished. We don't imagine they come cheap, mind.

With 11,486 miles on the clock, a trip to Furlonger Specialist Cars in Ashford is where to go if you fancy putting in an offer.

The Rolls Royce Phantom II. Picture: Prestige Cars Kent/Autotrader
The Rolls Royce Phantom II. Picture: Prestige Cars Kent/Autotrader

8. Rolls Royce Phantom (2019) - £259,777

You know you've made it if you can afford a car the price of a modest home. And nothing reeks of success more than pulling up in a Rolls Royce Phantom II (after all, who's to know you bought it second hand?).

This beast of a motor vehicle, with 14,000 miles on the clock, boasts 'massaging seating' in the front and back, star-like lights across the ceiling and ruddy great big video screens for the two folk lucky enough to be sat in the luxurious leather seats in the back. Of course, if you can afford more than a quarter of a million pound car, chances are you can fork out a few more thousand for someone to ferry you about in it too. Preferably someone who drives with the upmost concern for the upkeep of a car with such a price tag.

If you can, there's even a Rolls-branded umbrella concealed within the side of the front door so they can escort you to the door without a few rain drops spoiling your carefully coiffured hair-do.

Prestige Cars Kent in Orpington (which, if we're going to be pedantic, is actually in old Kent but for several decades been in the London Borough of Bromley) is the place to go if it floats your boat and you've got the required devilishly deep pockets.

Ferrari 488 VS. Picture: Jardine Ferrari in Sevenoaks/Autotrader
Ferrari 488 VS. Picture: Jardine Ferrari in Sevenoaks/Autotrader

7. Ferrari 488 VS (2019) - £289,830

We'd all like to one day own a Ferrari wouldn't we? Especially a red one. It's just one of those things on the bucket list which, unless you're very rich (and, sadly, working in local media doesn't get you much more than a Nissan Micra) is unlikely ever to get ticked off.

But were you to win the lottery tomorrow then you'd have to give this nimble sports car a ponder while a seven figure winner's cheque burns a blaze in your back pocket.

This 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 comes awash with all the interior luxury trim you could want and will whisk you from a standing start to 60mph in a little under 2.85 seconds. Which, if you work on the Medway City Estate, is probably not something you'll ever get to experience. But I digress. Auto Express says its performance is "simply epic". And who are we to disagree, given half a chance?

The vehicle, with one previous owner (who clearly didn't experience the thrill of the ride often as it only has a mere 730 miles on the clock), is for sale through Jardine Ferrari in Sevenoaks.

The Lamborghini Aventador. Picture: Prestige Cars Kent/Orpington
The Lamborghini Aventador. Picture: Prestige Cars Kent/Orpington

6. Lamborghini Aventador (2019) - £329,977

A tweaked version of an already blisteringly fast and spectacular looking super car, the Lamborghini Aventador (named after a fighting bull, fact fans), is certainly no slouch.

Capable of going from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and from a standing start to 124mph in a mere 8.6, your money here is not only buying you an investment opportunity, but one capable to bombing down a German autobahn at a nose-bleed inducing 219mph.

Two-years-old and with 1,400 miles on the clock, it is available from Prestige Cars Kent based in Orpington.

Not only does it look good on the outside, but it comes with plenty of mod-cons too, including a rear-reversing camera. Which is handy, because we dread to think how much a rear bumper would set you back if you reversed into a bollard at Sainsbury's.

The Lamborghini Murchielago. Picture: VVS/Autotrader
The Lamborghini Murchielago. Picture: VVS/Autotrader

5. Lamborghini Murcielago (2009) - £499,990

If you want to add a selection of noughts to the cost of a vehicle, it seems the way to success is by only making a few of them.

Enter the not-very inconspicuous metallic yellow Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 a car which would look more at home in a PlayStation game than, say, Chatham High Street.

This was the last incarnation of the model and one of just 186 ever produced - and a rare example of one with right hand drive. Oh, it's the only one in this particular shade of garish yellow too.

Deriving from the collection of Singapore billionaire - and super car aficionado Peter Lim - this is one of those cars sold on the grounds that, assuming you resist taking it for a spin and introducing it, at speed, to a lamp post, will grow in value. Even more so than the shade under half-a-million pounds it currently commands. It's only got 800 miles on the clock too. Should you want to add some more, it will take you from 0-60mph in a heart-thumping three seconds.

VVS UK in Cranbrook is the place to go if you want to snap it up.

The Porsche 911. Picture: Porsche Centre Tonbridge/Autotrader
The Porsche 911. Picture: Porsche Centre Tonbridge/Autotrader

4. Porsche 911 (1993) - £1,395,000

Now we're into the seven-figure motors - and a vehicle which, technically, qualifies as a classic car, but is modern enough to make it onto the list.

If there's a more stereotypical sports car than the Porsche 911 then I'd like to met it. But this is something a bit different.

This super rare 964 Turbo S Leichtbau model is one of a range of just 86 produced and a mere 11 supplied in the UK.

However, it's rarity is in part to much of the modern comforts being dispensed with in order to make it lighter and thus pack a more powerful punch. As a result it is capable of going from a standing start to 60mph in a mere 4.7 seconds and capable of a top speed of 180mph.

The Porsche 911 interior. A bit too red, one could argue. Picture: Porsche Centre Tonbridge/Autotrader
The Porsche 911 interior. A bit too red, one could argue. Picture: Porsche Centre Tonbridge/Autotrader

Not that this particular vehicle has probably ever experienced it. It has a mere 45 miles on the clock. (Which, arguably, means it's just delivery mileage, but it's listed in Auto Trader's used car selection, so we'll let it pass).

Should you be interested in snapping up a little bit of Porsche history, then the Porsche Centre in Tonbridge is the place to go.

The only thing you will have to contend with, however, is the - in this writer's opinion at least - all red interior, which looks suspiciously like someone just threw several tins of red paint liberally around as decoration.

The Bugatti Veyron. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars
The Bugatti Veyron. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars

3. Bugatti Veyron (2007) - £1,174,990

Just to give you an idea of the sort of costs you're dealing with when it comes to these sorts of cars, consider this.

When you cough up your £1.17m for this little beauty you also get a three-year service package. Now, you may be thinking your local garage down the road will do that for £99 each year. Well, for the Bugatti Veyron, a service package for 36 months costs an eye-watering £28,500. This super car owning business is not one for the faint of heart.

But Ashford dealer Furlonger Specialist Cars will happily part you with your hard-earned cash for a car which will draw admiring glances from everyone bar your bank manager. Although offer him a spin and he may change his mind.

But with only 450 ever made, you are owning a limited edition gem.

Capable of hitting speeds in excess of 250mph, it's no slouch. And with a mere 1,408 miles on the clock, there's plenty of life in this model yet. Assuming, of course, you don't want to just stand and admire it rather than risk it down the M2.

An even more expensive Bugatti Veyron. Picture: Big Motoring World/Autotrader
An even more expensive Bugatti Veyron. Picture: Big Motoring World/Autotrader

2. Bugatti Veyron (2013) - £1,550,000

Well, it's six years younger than the Bugatti in third place so you'd expect to pay a little more wouldn't you?

This 16.4 Grand Sport variant comes complete with a transparent roof - which you can also take down when you want everyone to see you driving a car worth more than £1.5m. If you don't want them seeing you too well, then you can hit 223mph with the roof down (just for the safety concious, it should be pointed out that is, of course, three times over the legal limit on any UK road), or a marginally more terrifying 252mph with the roof up.

When this model was first unveiled in California in 2008, the first was auctioned for more than £2.1m.

Big Motoring World in Chatham is the place to head if you want to snap this one up.

Cream of the crop - the Ferrari LaFerrari. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars
Cream of the crop - the Ferrari LaFerrari. Picture: Furlonger Specialist Cars

1. Ferrari LaFerrari (2015) - £2,399,990

Yes, you read that correctly, that's almost £2.4m.

But then you weren't really going to expect this Ferrari LaFerrari (so good they named it twice, you may think, but such is its stature even Ferrari call it The Ferrari) to come cheap were you?

It is one of just 500 made worldwide and one of just over 30 to be delivered to salivating UK owners.

Given it cost £1m when brand new - and that initial batch all sold out pronto - you can see why this type of vehicle commands such a sky-high price given its resell value.

It may be a somewhat thirsty beast however, with a 6.3L 12-valve, hybrid, engine, but then you are acquiring the most powerful road car the legendary marque has produced. And one that James May, when taking it for a high-speed spin on Top Gear, described as "the greatest car in the world".

If you're brave enough to put your foot down in a super car with such a price tag then you can hit a top speed of 218mph courtesy of its 950 horse power.

This particular example has a mere 1,616 miles on the clock and is for sale from Ashford-based Furlonger Specialist Cars. Speak nicely, and they might throw in some free mats. Although it's probably best not to consider the insurance cost.

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