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Art? You don't think so!

Artist Anthony Wait packages up another jar of Margate sand
Artist Anthony Wait packages up another jar of Margate sand

What a cheek! That is your reaction to our story about artist Anthony Wait’s conceptual work of collecting sand from Margate beach and selling it.

Mr Wait has already fallen foul of the law with Thanet council considering what action to take.

Your responses to our Speak Out show you do not think what he is doing is art.

Margate sandman falls foul of law

Roy Long, from Margate, said: “What gives Mr Wait the right to sell Margate sand.

“Surely this is owned by the council and therefore directly by the ratepayers.

“Would he like me going to his house and start selling off the bricks.”

Barbara Tait, of Rainham, says: “It’s certainly not art, who does he think he is kidding?

“Can I remove a barrel load for my grandson to play with?”

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Tony Carberry says he has nothing against art and adds: “Only people fooled into buying jars of sand as art are going to buy jars of sand as art.”

Kevin W., from London, says Mr Wait’s work has “no artistic merit whatsoever.”

He adds: “I have some jars. Just trying to think what I could fill them with to make money rather than working a real job.”

While Richard M., also from London, says: “How stealing and selling OUR sand is art I don’t know.”

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