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Ashford mum didn't realise father of child was convicted paedophile

Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller

by Tim Collins

A heartbroken mother has spoken of her disgust and devastation at discovering that her former fiance and the father of her baby was a perverted child abuser.

Rebecca Miller spent over a year with Mark Fuller, who was jailed for 14 years last week for his sick "systematic abuse" of two young boys over a four year period.

And Miss Miller, 37, who says she remained ignorant of the full extent her partner's crimes during their relationship, says she was horrified to learn of Fuller's depraved paedophile past.

She told the Kentish Express: "When I learned about the sheet of charges against Mark I was devastated. I felt physically sick and couldn't stop crying.

"i was besotted with him and i felt so angry and upset that i'd been betrayed. how can you do that to someone you are supposed to love?" – rebecca miller

"I was besotted with him and I felt so angry and upset that I'd been betrayed. How can you do that to someone you are supposed to love?

"I've been living in a thick fog ever since, unable to come to terms with his despicable crimes. But I've learned to take each day as it comes."

Miss Miller first met Fuller, 36, when they were children and fellow pupils at Greystones School in Hythe Road, Willesborough.

She would often go back to the Fuller family home to play after school and even shared a playground romance at the age of 11 with Fuller's elder brother John, his partner in the child abuse.

During her time with Fuller, Miss Miller became pregnant with his child and the pair made plans to move to Manchester to live together once their baby was born.

But Miss Miller, from South Ashford, says she feels that Fuller's courtship of her was all part of an attempt to portray himself in a better light during his impending trial.

"I feel that the only reason he engaged in a relationship with me and got me pregnant was to try and help him defend his case," she added.

"He wanted to be able to turn round and say, 'I'm in a stable relationship with the woman who is having my baby'.

"Maybe he thought it would have made him come across better.

"I think he wanted to fool the whole court that he was a respectable member of society. But nobody was fooled – except me."

Miss Miller remained ignorant of Fuller's crimes until almost a year into their relationship when she first learned that he was under investigation.

She did not discover the full extent of his shocking past until later.

She said: "It was a normal relationship and at the time I was very happy.

"The first sign of trouble came when a social worker knocked on my door in late 2010.

"They had come to explain their concerns about my relationship with Mark because of his up-coming court case.

"I'm just glad I found out."

Miss Miller added that she was happy with the jail sentence given to the brothers.

"Mark and John deserved everything they got. I just hope they are never in a position to repeat the appalling things they have done."

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